2022/2023 WAEC EXPO ON PHYSICS THEORY & OBJ QUESTION AND ANSWERS 2022/2023 (Runz runs) what waec sets

Are you searching for the WAEC physics questions that will be useful for the 2022/2023 WAEC physics exams? If yes then you are in the right article.

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In this article we shall give you clues as to what WAEC might set in the forth coming 2022/2023 PHYSICS exams ,please don’t joke with it.

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Physics remains an important subject and core subject in physics, so failing physics to most WAEC candidates means writing WAEC again next year but that is not your portion.

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The 2022/2023 PHYSICS questions will be divided into 3 paper or sections. There Will be paper 1,paper 2 and finally paper 3 please always have it in min that all sections will be written in same day.
Now let’s break all the sections down as this will give you enable you plan ahead and position your self for the best.

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WAEC physics paper 1: this section normally comprises of about 50 obtive questions, you will be required to shade the best suitable answers to the questions you where asked. Total makers obtain here is 50,which means that each question carries 1 mark.

WAEC physics paper 2: this section is a bit confusing in that it is subdivided into other two sections A and B.

  1. Subsection A: you will be assigned seven questions to answer, you should start with the ones you know first before attempting others. Total mark obtainable here is 15 makers which means that each question carries 2 marks
  2. Subsection A: Here you will be assigned just a question of about 5 and a total mark is obtainable here. In this section getting any question right will shot your score and subsequently your grades.

WAEC physics paper 3: this is more or less practical, you will be given just a total of 2022/2023 PHYSICS questions here to answer. You will be given just less than 2 hours to answer just 2 physics questions. 50 marks is obtainable here.

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How WAEC physics 2022/2023 QUESTIONS will look like

Two standard resistors of sizes 10 and 5 are associated in arrangement to an arrangement game plan of optional cells. On the off chance that the current through the 10 resistor is 5A, the current through the 5 resistor is

A. 7.5 A
B. 10.0 A.
C. 2.5 A
D. 5.0 A

Reality table above stands for two information X, Y and a Z yield device(s). The device(s) is

A. OR gate.
B. AND gate + inverter.
C. AND gate.
D. NAND gate.

The measurements of weight is
A. ML3 T-2
B. ML-1T-
C. ML-1T-2
D. ML T-2

At the point when temperature of a fluid expands, its surface strain

A. Increases
B. Remain Constant
C. Decreases
D. Increases then decreases

Decide the central length of a thin joining focal point if the power is 5.0 dioptres

A. 2.0 m
B. 2.5 m
C. 0.1 m
D. 0.2 m

Determine the next which is a scalar quantity?

A. Mass
B. Tension
C. Impulse
D. Weight

How Physics Waec 2022/2023 Theory Questions And Answers will look like

The types of questions that the WAEC Board will set for you in the theory section won’t be any difficult, it’s just from the usual physics topics you already use to.

So they are going to look like this :

  • Briefly explain the Newton law of motion [5 marks]
  • In your own words, Briefly write a very short note on the following :
  1. Mass
  2. Weight
  3. Impulse
  4. Tension

Waec 2022/2023 Examination Instructions

  1. You are required to open your booklet once you are given the go ahead order.
  2. Make use of only HB pencil to shade
  3. You are expected to be in the hall with your scientific calculator
  4. If you are caught with expo or bomb then you are on your own
  5. Make sure you your full names are written on your answer sheet in the space provided
  6. Finally cross check your works before submitting.


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