2022/2023 WAEC EXPO ON CHEMISTRY THEORY & OBJ ANSWERS -2021/2022 (Runz runs) what waec sets

Are you writing the 2022/2023 WAEC chemistry exams!? If yes then you can’t afford to miss out from this great article.
In this article we are going to provide useful WAEC chemistry  question, resource and what to our view WAEC might set in the forth coming 2022/2023 waec exams.

WAEC 2022/2023 EXPO RUNS, Runz chemistry 1 & 2 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

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In this article postutmeadmission.com.ng shall give you  clues as to what WAEC might set in the 2022/2023 question, this is the more reason you should not joke with this article.

Note: Never you pay any money to anyone claiming to send you answers from postutmeadmission.com.ng all our content are for educational purpose only

Disclaimer: all content in this post is an opinion of the writer,  necessarily 100% what WAEC will set but be rest assured that studying with this will dramatically boast your score.

WAEC  Chemistry remains an important subject that every science student must not joke with, honestly failing WAEC exams can spell doom as it might make one repeat WAEC exams next year… BUT GOD FORBID IT’S NOT YOUR PORTION!!!


for those asking how will the 2022/2023 waec question paper will look like, now get the main gist/expo here as we unveil and give every details here with out hiding anything from you.

The 2022/2023 WAEC QUESTIONS paper will be divided into 3 paper, let’s give you hints about the content of these 3 sections. Please take note that all the 3 sections must be written on the same day. Now let’s break down the 3 sections of  chemistry question paper for you.

WAEC chemistry paper 1: in this section you will be given about 50 questions to answer, this question will appear in forms of objective and you are required to tick or shade the right answer in your answer sheet. Mark obtainable here 50 marks. Each question carries 1 mark.

WAEC chemistry paper 2:
This section is usually divided into 3 sub sections which is A and B.

Subsection A: in this section seven (7) Questions will be given to you, you are only required to answer them correctly. Please always read the instructions to identify the compulsory question before answering them

Subsection A: 5 question might be given to you here each question might carries 5 or 3 marks.

WAEC chemistry paper 3: this is just a more of practical questions, 3 questions will be given to you and you are expected to answer just 2 questions which carries 50 marks

WAEC Chemistry 2022/2023 hot key points to note

Please take this hot key point serious :

  • Study the law of definite proportion
  • Read more about branching, volatility, polarity and impurity and how they affect boiling point
  • Study what Francium is all about
  • Note that the flame welder make use of is called Oxy-acetylene
  • Study about the difference between dehydration and drying
  • Try to understand the meaning of catenation and how it comes about
  • Study what Aliphatic Hydrocarbons is a about
  • Study your periodic table very well
  • Don’t ever forget to search for the history of Dmitri T. Mendeleev
  • Note that elements that are of the same group are called CONGENERS.
  • Also note that fluorine is the most reactive nonmetal
  • Study more about the Oxidation State of Iron viz the Lowest.
  • Hope you know what atomic Mass is all about?
  • Finally don’t forget to cram your formulas.


below are samples of what you will be given in the examination hall, you are expected to pick just the best answers from the options given.

Click here to see chemistry OBJ questions here


This theory section determines your total grades, please note that major universities in Nigeria now use WAEC results as a determining factor in Giving out admission to candidates.

Click here to see chemistry theory, scroll down after the obj


  • Dont open your answesheet unless you are told to do so
  • Don’t forget to write your name and also sign the attendance list at the end of the exams
  • Make use of only HB pencil while shading your OBJ
  • If you are caught with bomb or expo you are on your own
  • Your names must be written in full, don’t forget to write the subject and exam number.
  • You are free to make use of scientific calculators unlike jamb
  • Make sure you check your works for errors before submitting.


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  5. Physics and chemistry is one of my difficult subject and am preparing for senior waec if u can help me call 07033766820

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