how to calculate futo post utme aggregate score

how to calculate futo post utme aggregate score 

ever since i wrote an interesting article about futo departmental cut off mark for various departments most aspirant of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri has been asking how can they calculate the aggregate score of futo post utme score.

how to calculate futo post utme score,
how to calculate futo aggregate score.

So today We shall teach you how you can calculate your futo post utme score so as to arrive at the aggregate score. this will allow you to know your standing and the next step to take

How to calculate FUTO Post-UTME Screening Score.


The Federal University of science and technology aggregate score is arrived by first adding your Jamb Score + your post utme score which is finally divided by 8

formula used to calculate futo post utme score

  • (A+B) /8= aggregate score.
  • (JAMB Score + Post-UTME Score)/8


  • jamb mark their score over 400
  • while futo mark their post utme score over 100

now to arrive at the aggregate score one has to apply the above formula which i have written above

for instance you where able to score about 250/400 in your Jamb.

and you score 50 I’m post utme mind you post utme is over 100 and you scored 50/100

now to arrive at your aggregate score. applying the above formula : ( 250+50)/8=37.5.
If your score is ( 250+75)/8 =40.6 ~41.

Please note that you O level grades are also taken into consideration. in fact O level now plays a big roles in boasting candidates average score.

  • A1 gives you 6 points
  • Bs gives you 4 points
  • Cs gives you 3 points
  • E gives you 2 points

let’s say you got physics A1 and chemistry C3 and English language B2 and finally economics C3

Your O level grade will be

6+3+4+3=16 points.
average 16/2= 8.

total score remains
41+8=59 aggregate score.

also note that other factors comes into play when giving out admission apart from your grades. this factor are catchment area and special consideration.

those who are from the ihiagwa and owerri West will be given special consideration first before those who are from other local government in owerri are considered.

12 thoughts on “how to calculate futo post utme aggregate score”

    1. Israel egere urudinachi

      Pls sir I got 167 in my post utme and 281 in jamb will I be able to get admission

  1. But if you score 400 in jamb, 100 in post utme and you have 4As in your O level result your aggregate score would be 75.
    Is 75 the highest obtainable score????

  2. Victoria agwulonu

    Pls sir I got 264 in jamb and 231 in post utme and my name Is not in the admission list and scored above the aggregate score for chemical department.pls why??

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