Here Are Five Hobbies or Recreational Activities In Nigeria

Here Are Five Hobbies or Recreational Activities In Nigeria


There are some activities you can’t get tired of doing because of the fun and joy attached to them. These activities are not just carried out in Nigeria only, they are all over the world as many people can’t help but enjoy the pleasure and happiness they derived from during the activities.

To some, these activities are called hobbies, while other tagged them as ‘recreational activities’ that help them get the best out of their leisure time.

Whichever group or lane you belong to, all that really matters in one’s life is finding and doing those activities you really love as they will bring you lots of fun, fulfillment and also happiness at the end of the day.

Your psychological aspect of life will also receive a major boost as you will be mentally and physically prepare for the task ahead.

At times, You might just be asking yourself: “What are those recreational activities that are okay for me to do during my leisure time?” you Don’t have to think too much.

Below are some of the top five recreational activities as a Nigerian you can do or choose as your hobby.

1. Painting

Painting is more than just drawing a picture of someone you have imagined. It is more than sketching or ordinary symbol on a piece of paper.

Painting is one of the ways to show your creativity when it comes to drawing. Painting can be used to pass across diverse information you just imagine from one person to another or to a small or large group of people.

Is there information you feel like passing across to the world in a special way? Then, pick up your pencil or painting brush. Get your paint and other painting materials, and express your thought through a bold painted picture.

Apart from passing out information in unique way, engaging in the activity you love (which is painting) will bring you maximum fulfillment and joy because it makes you feel better, mostly , when you are able to come up with those beautiful artwork, diagram, pictures or design.

2. Singing

Venturing into music industry is definitely one of the most profitable things to do in Nigeria today. This is because the country’s music industry is currently in a class of its own.

However, I’m not urging you to dive into the music industry if you don’t have a dream of becoming a musician.

It might be that you have the urge to become a talented music artist or not, singing or making cool music is one activity that consists of unparalleled joy and fulfilment, happiness and you really can’t do without it.

There are songs for every situation. You can draw inspiration from singing Simi’s Aimasiko whenever you feel dejected or you feel like your prayers are not answered.

Why not go for Tope Alabi, Nathaniel Bassey, Eben, Steven Crown, Sinach’s songs if you feel like drawing more closer to God spiritually through music?

Wizkid, David, Olamide and Burna Boy’s songs can be downloaded online from major downloading portal if you wish to dance to good music. You can also decide to listen to olden days music by singing Sunny Ade’s Ja Funmi , Ebenezer Obey’s Edumare Soro Mi Dayo , Victor Uwaifo’s Joromi and Sunny Nneji’s Oruka

3. Photographing

Do you know that This is one of the most popular recreational activities in Nigeria just at the moment. You can decide to take a nice picture of nature. Capture the sea, attractive sights and views, and produce them in a classic portrait that will attract viewers.

The more you capture or take pictures, the more you become perfect in the activity. You will also derive huge pleasure from doing what you love most.

4. Football

Have you ever featured in a ‘monkey post’ football before? If yes, you will know the level of fun involved in the game.

If you don’t really know the meaning of ‘monkey post’ football, it’s just a popular street football game we play when we were little, this game comes with two small goalposts — one goalpost at each side. It’s more or less just like a five-a-side game without a referee, nothing like offside and no VAR disallowed goal in the game.

As a a football fan, you can find time from your busy schedule to play this interesting game as you will be energized through out your time spent while at it and your body will get ready for daily activities.

5. Leatherworking

Last on our list is engaging in a Leatherwork, which is gaining so much ground in the country. You can come up with a design of your choice during your leisure time.

Do you know that can also make money from any of your finished end products because there are a lot of Nigerians who will be really interested in buying your design.


There are many pleasure-deriving activities you can do, you just need to detect your hobby and go for it.

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