NYSC 2023/2024 Senate List for Batch (A&B) (stream 1 and stream 2)

How to check NYSC  Senate List for Batch A, B, C (stream 1 and stream 2)- www.nysc.org.ng

This article we guide all prospective PCM either batch A, B, C ( stream 1 and stream 2) on how to check their names on NYSC senate list for .
nysc mobilization timetable
We have it in good authority that Batch A and B will be divided into stream 1 and stream 2.
Stream 1 will likely be those who did their registration on time mostly on the first day of the registration.

We understand that other factors comes into play in deciding who falls into stream 1 but we have it in good authority that those who where able to complete and submit their registration on time mostly on the first day the portal will open for registration will likely be in stream 1.

So to be among those who will be among those in stream 1 strive to locate the nearest registration center on time and finish up with your registration.

Please expect email delivery issues most especially from Gmail and yahoo mail on the first day of the registration. also expect the NYSC portal to be overwhelmed or slow/unresponsive on the first day of the portal is open for registration.

Services will likely be restored back I normal 12 mid night but on the second day things we return back to normal as the server will be less busy.

Information for NYSC batchs stream 1 and stream 2


Do you know that there will be an NYSC batch A, B, C stream 1 and stream 2 in ? We are bringing this information to all prospective Corp members who where not able to get themselves mobilize in previous batch.

We understand that a lot of corp members has been asking if their will be batch C in this year, so we are going to use this medium to clear all doubt and to set the record straight.

The need to split prospective Corp members into different groups became necessary because of the following reason:

  • large number of graduates that comes out from our public institutions on yearly basis
  • Few available spaces in their prospective primary place of assignment (PPA)
  • Finally because of the federal GOVERNMENT low budget

The above points makes it almost impossible to mobilize all prospective Corp members at once as almost all the orientation camp can’t contain more that 3000 corps members at a goal doing so will over stretch the facilities on ground. You all have to be patient with the federal government, National youth service Corp board and all partnering bodies.

Now before you can be mobilize, your name must appear on the NYSC mobilization senate list for Batch A or B or C stream 1 and stream 2 2022/2023 pcm. Those who where able to see their names should get ready for the forthcoming NYSC registration.

Those whose names could not be found on the senate list for Batch C stream 1 and stream 2 for 2022/2023 means that they have not been cleared by their institutions for one of the following reasons :

  1. Your name is on the next list to be forwarded
  2. You have not cleared your outstanding fees in school
  3. You still have an outstanding course that is still hanging on you
  4. You have not completed or finalized your clearance

There are other reasons which might not have written down above but to clear all doubt it is important you approach your school nursery or exam and records /department to find out the actual reason behind it.

How to check NYSC Senate


Checking of names is very easy and straightforward although i understand some might still find it not too easy checking their names

This are the links to check your names

Batch A, B, C stream 1 and 2


Batch A, B, C stream 1 and 2


Batch A, B, C stream 1 and 2


To see the step by step guide on how to Check your name click here

  • First you have to select your institution.
  • Enter your Matriculation number correctly
  • Input your surname
  • Select Your date of birthday (month, day and year)

If you have any problem while checking your names Don’t forget to drop your comment below

30 thoughts on “NYSC 2023/2024 Senate List for Batch (A&B) (stream 1 and stream 2)”

  1. Please am unable to go to camp in the 2018 stream 1 batch a,please when was the revalidation for 2019 will commence

  2. Unable to confirm my status as I keep getting the “No record found. Contact your school for verification of approved list” response. What do I do next?

  3. My name is not on the nysc list and I have done the registration on my school portal my name is not in batch A or B what do I do?

  4. Okonkwo Amaka Elizabeth

    I have been finding very difficult to input my birth year . And as such my name did not appear on the senate list.i have finished with my clearance n collected my result.so don’t know what could be the cause.when the new list be uploaded for batch C?

  5. I tried checking my name on the senate list. I filled it correctly, but when I tried to click on the year of DOB,it did not show any option for me to choose the year I was born, and with that I was unable to check my name on the senate list. Please admin, what do I do?

  6. I need the link to check my name,not the one that says,ur name of institution,matriculation no,date,month and year plz,i need the second link,that is, institution and department.thanks


    Pls when is the site going to be open for correction made by schools student affair for Senate list to be effective. They made correction on my own because my status is showing has not been matriculated and cannot register.

  8. I’m seeing no record found, I’ve completed my school clearance all necessary things indicated above… Why is this?

  9. Pls, my name came out on Senate list for batch b 2019 but didn’t register. Pls am I to do revalidation or remobilization or just wait for registration.

  10. My name Is not in the Senate list batch A and am through with my clearance, would it be included in batch A stream 11?

  11. Salami Asipita Theophilus

    Why am I not seeing my name in the list? I ought to be in one of the streams in BATCH A 2020.
    19 APRIL, 1993
    Please, help me out…thanks

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