how to stop mtn auto renewal daily, weekly monthly plan (whatsApp, Instagram social)

how to stop mtn auto renewal daily, weekly monthly plan (whatsApp, Instagram social)

How do I stop mtn auto renewal, how do i deactivate mtn monthly, weekly or daily WhatsApp auto renewal service ? The above is the question most mtn subscribers really want to find out

Without doubt MTN which is the largest network provider currently in Nigeria is the best service provider in terms of call and data services, this has made millions of Nigerians to stick with them despite the prices which is reasonable fair, because you are paying for what you get unlike other service providers.

MTN offers a wide range of data that are reasonably fair they understand the economic reality on ground and recently brought down the prices of data, as at today we can all subscribe from daily, weekly to even monthly subscriptions that are pocket friendly

But of recent we have seen a number of mtn subscribers complaining as most of them who wanted to just surf the net or carry out one task voluntarily subscribe for the mtn daily plan, weekly plan or even monthly plan but forget to turn off the service . we also found out that a bulk of subscribers that opted into this service voluntarily and involuntarily are left in the cold as they practically don’t know the code that will help them opt out from MTN daily, weekly and monthly auto renewal.

Honestly mtn auto renewal services is frustrating you won’t understand if you have not been there before, in fact its just like a devil’s net once you are in it becomes a problem to get out unless you know your way around or you get the help of their customers support staff to help you turn off or opt out from the service.

We understand that not every Nigerians will like to go through the rigorous process in contacting MTN customers care who will likely have you wait on the line for several minutes if not hour just to attend to you. So consider this tutorial a quick fix because it will be well explained thoroughly

code to stop/deactivate mtn data auto renewal


To stop mtn auto renewal just simply type STOPDATA to 131


Dial *447# or *123*5# and follow the command on your screen

Let’s look at some code to stop mtn data auto renewal service on all plan, be it daily, weekly, monthly etc.

NO+Data bundle code to 131
Let’s break it down below.

how to stop mtn auto renewal daily plan

MTN daily subscription allows you to subscribe for just 24 hrs in this plan you are allocated just 50 or 150 mb for 100 and 200 naira respectively which will be enough for those who surf the net just to check one important event or the other.
Now to stop the mtn daily subscription auto renewal

Before you carry out the following task make sure you identify the amount of subscription you did first.

  • Get your mobile phone and open your SMS
  • Daily 100: To cancel 50MB Daily Plan – Send “NO104” to 131
  • Daily of 200: To cancel 150MB Daily Plan – Send “NO113” to 131

how to stop mtn weekly data auto renewal

MTN weekly subscription plan are of two types we have the one of 150 mb and that of 500 mb that cost 500 naira to activ ate.
Like that of the daily subscription you have to note which one you subscribe to first.

  • To cancel 150MB Weekly Plan – Send “NO102” to 131
  • To cancel 500MB Weekly Plan – Send “NO103” to 131

Immediately you send any of the above to their desired destination you will definitely be left off the hook of auto renew

how to stop mtn monthly data auto renewal

These are the codes for deactivating mtn monthly auto renewal, although they are a little confusing, just go through them.

  • To cancel 1GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO106” to 131
  • To cancel 1.5GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO130” to 131
  • To cancel 2.5GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO110” to 131
  • To cancel 5GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO107” to 131
  • To cancel 10GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO116” to 131
  • To cancel 22GB Monthly Plan – Send “NO117” to 131
  • To cancel 50GB 2 Months Plan – Send “NO118” to 131
  • To cancel 85GB 3 Months Plan – Send “NO133” to 131

How to cancel mtn WhatsApp auto renew

If you subscribe for the daily service then

  • Send STOPWAD to 131

For those who subscribe for weekly bundle

  • Send STOPWAW to 131

For those who subscribe to monthly WhatsApp bundle

  • Send STOPWAM to 131

How to stop MTN Instagram and Facebook auto renewal

Are you tired of being drain down by the unnecessary Instagram and Facebook auto renewal service? If yes then follow this simple guide to cancel the plan now

  • Daily: [Facebook – Send STOPFBD to 131
  • [Instagram – Send STOPINSD to 131

This is for those that subscribe for the weekly data social bundle, just follow this guide now to get your self free.

  • Weekly: [Facebook – Send STOPFBW to 131
  • [Instagram – Send STOPINSW to 131

The below codes are for those who subscribe for monthly data which powers their social apps

  • Facebook – Send STOPFBM to 131
  • Instagram – Send STOPINSM to 131

Hope this article is helpful to you? Please comment below if you where able to opt out using any of the method above.

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