NYSC 2023 Redeployment Letter Format – get your request approved

NYSC  Redeployment Letter Format – The easiest way to get your redeployment request approved

not all nysc Corp members will be posted to states they really wish to go, about 60% will be posted to states that they don’t really like.
nysc redeployment letter
that you where posted to a state you don’t really like is not the end of the world, there is still a way out and that is what this page is all about.

How to successfully apply for redeployment from a state you don’t really like to a more favorable state that is secure and closer home.

Although the scheme’s goal is to post PMC to areas they are not used to so that they can learn new culture, language and way of life with the sole aim of fostering national peace and unity between the South and North.

for your request to be granted it is necessary you put it in the right format and also state a valid reason if not your request won’t be granted..

NYSC 2023/2024 Ground for redeployment


There are only about 3 genuine reasons you can give before you will be allowed to redeploy, anything from this 3 won’t fly and they are

  • insecurity
  • health challenge
  • marital status
  1. insecurity : there are some states that are under the siege of Boko Haram and herdsmen terrorists, this states are mostly in North East – Borno, part of Adamawa, parts of Benue.
  2. by right if you are posted to this region you can apply for redeployment instantly when you get to camp
  3. health ground : if you have life threatening challenges such as asthma, epilepsy, sickle cell anemia etc, you have to get your doctor’s report from well known hospital.
  4. marital status: if you are married there is no need keeping you away from your husband, so by right you can apply for redeployment to the state where your husband is.

Apart from this 3 grounds you won’t be allowed by law to redeploy, although we have seen some people who have been able to bypass the law and successfully redeploy with the help of someone in authority.

Please be aware that fraudsters are out there just to dupe you, do be careful on who you deal with.


please note that your letter must be address through your state/ Camp coordinator, because they are in charge of everything in camp. and if you want to write any letter in future please follow this format

Your Address



No. ***** area.



***** State NYSC Cordinator,

No.***** road

****** State

***** State.


***** State NYSC Camp Director,

No. *****

***** Camp,

***** State

Dear Sir,

Application for Redeployment to (put any of the 3 reasons here)

I ****** ****** with NYSC State code *********, hereby write to request for redeployment back to (so so state). This is to help me (put your genuine reason) and also continue to serve my father land in the State.

at the end of the letter you have to attach your supporting evidence such as marriage certificates, doctors report etc.

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