PYES Shortlisted /successful Candidates 2024/2025 list

PYES list of Shortlisted /successful Candidates  – How to Download and Check Your Name?

Welcome to our official page of the P YES also known as the presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme, in this article we are going to show you the list of successful candidates for P-YES and how you can check your name.

So if you had registered or applied for the presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme the last time it was announced and widely publicize, here is a golden opportunity for you to find out if you have been shortlisted or not.

You are still going to find out what next after you must have been shortlisted for the presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme P-YES.

PYES presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme application


Do you wish to apply for P-YES  scheme? Probably you missed out in the  application process but want to apply again here is an article that covers the process in which you can start sending your application right now.

Remember that the presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme has a target and one of that Target is to reach out to a sizeable numbers of unemployed Nigerian graduates. In fact the federal government once promised to get in touch with over 774, 000 directly through the programme.

See current status of PYES application

We are very pleased to bring to your notice that the  presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme application formally came to an end after the given deadline.
We are still confident that the second recruitment process will soon start but be it as it may, once it start we shall inform you. Right now what we shall be discussing is about the list of shortlisted candidates.

PYES shortlisted candidates  update

Recalled that the presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme has come to an end which means registration and application has ended and what follows next is the selection process that will definitely see to it that the best unemployment graduates Will be selected to see the next stage of P YES.

Since the selection process is on right now it means that we should all wait till we are all notified about the outcome at the end of the day. Please have it in mind that the P-YES list of successful candidates will be out any moment from now.

Immediately the list of shortlisted candidates has been made ready, it will be uploaded on the server of P-YES portal where each and every applicant will have to Check, download the PDF file that contains the names of shortlisted candidates nationwide.

When will PYES list of successful/shortlisted candidates be out

Once an application comes to an end for most government Empowerment Programme, it takes a minimum of 2 months to release the list of shortlisted or successful candidates although it might be shorter at some point.

So expect P-YES list of successful/shortlisted candidates any moment from now because the portal is about to be open for instant checking.

Is Pyes Shortlist  Out?

Right now the P-YES list of shortlisted or successful candidates is not out but keep checking this page for update as we are going to be the first to announce it to you when it is out.

Steps to check PYES list of shortlisted/successful candidates

Want to Check the full list of presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme? Want to see if you made it to the next level of the programme? here comes the steps you should follow to do that right away :

  • Log on to P-YES.GOV.NG
  • Click on the PDF file containing names of shortlisted candidates.
  • Download the list which is in PDF format.
  • Save it to your computer. A place you can access it latter.
  • Open the PDF list and start checking state by state.

2nd step on how to check PYES list of shortlisted/successful candidates on P-YES portal

  • Log on to the official portal of P-YES
  • Input your application number.
  • Click check status.

That’s all.

What next if my name is on the list of shortlisted candidates PYES

P-YES shortlisted candidates might go through another set of verification or probably be redeploy to their places of assignment.

Keep checking this page for more update, remember that we said list of shortlisted or successful candidates, be it first or second batch will be out in no distance time.

PYES seed Empowerment tool (SET)

Immediately you have been shortlisted what follows next is practical training and skill acquisition where you will be posted to get all these training.

At the end you all Will be given what they call seed Empowerment tool.
It lies in your responsibility to see that this seed keeps growing and also you are to keep your own promise of further empowering at leat 2 persons from you’d LGA.

YES seed incubation programme

This side of the bargain means that within a given period of time you must and should have empowered at least 2 people. This is just like a chain reaction, which means you all are expected to give in return what you have received.

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