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Are you looking forward to benefiting from the covid19 support loan from the Central Bank of Nigeria?

This article will provide you with all the requirements you need to sign up and log in to

You need not work yourself up because NIRSAL microfinance bank still makes use of one official website of which is apply.

Therefore, as a potential applicant, all you need to do is to send your application via the aforementioned site URL/ apply loan application form


The deadly covid-19 came surprisingly and unexpectedly and its toll on mankind generally has been severe.

Its impact on the entirety has left us amused as businesses, households, and humanity at large now crave for their once blossoming necessities.Nirsal microfinance bank

Amidst all of this, NIRSAL has come out with a plan to ease the masses with loan grants to individuals, small and medium-sized scale businesses to help cushion the effect of the corona outbreak.

Due to the interruptions this pandemic caused in the global supply chains, there has been a huge loss, low gross domestic output, and recession hence the increased suffering rate.

This has therefore stirred a massive response from governments worldwide in responding rapidly to their citizen’s agitations, by giving them different kind of financial aids, holidays and many more.

NIRSAL Covid-19 Loan Portal Login

The federal government of Nigeria has equally responded by providing financial support to the most affected by the pandemic and the vulnerable at large, through the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) grants.

This support did not exclude Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as they are one of the main beneficiaries.

The big question now is, who are the eligible candidates for this loan and what are the standards lay down by the government to ensure the loan gets to the appropriate individuals? NIRSAL/CBN loan is made easy now as the portal login has been generated.

The gradual process of receiving your loan will be discussed below.

NOTE: There are categories of loan available for a grant which are:

Households Category

Micro Enterprises SMEs Category

How do I apply for the NIRSAL Covid Loan?

  • Firstly, Click on this link
  • Search your appropriate category and click. As a newbie, you will click “New application” but if you already have an account with them you just click “Existing application”
  • Your bank verification number (BVN) will be required, so fill in all the necessary information
  • Upload all necessary documents required
  • Press submit and save your application number against another time

NOTE: Your application will not be completed without your bank verification number (BVN).

How it works

Application Submission: Log in to the NIRSAL Microfinance Bank (NMFB) portal with any device available with internet service.

It can be your phone or private computer. Fill in the documents that show your finance has been genuinely impaired by the COVID19 pandemic.

Approval: Your application will be reviewed by CBN personnel and others involved and you will be notified if the review is successful.

Allotment: CBN has the ultimate power to Approve your application after review.

NIRSAL Microfinance Bank in collaboration with the central bank of Nigeria has given rise to this incredible loan scheme to give financial relief to households and businesses.

A portal has been created for this course which serves as BVN validation.

We have exclusively elucidate the loan formalities and the procedures you need to get it. As mentioned above, all you are required to do is register and upload the appropriate documents then await their response

We are forever at your fingertips 24/7, in case you need any news on NIRSAL Covid19 CBN Loan.

Follow our updates and comment below if you have any questions or you are faced with any problems as regards the registration.

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