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Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment 

The Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment  is currently ongoing.

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Federal civil service commission recruitment


The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) is a governmental organization or agency set up by the Nigerian government to monitor the affairs of federal government workers across the country.

It is legally and constitutionally backed up to employ or transfer civil servant at any point in time. It equally has all it takes to take disciplinary actions against any federal government staff who fails to carry out his or her duties as suppose.

The existence of this agency could be traced back to the days when the country is being governed by the British Colonial masters, although it wasn’t as effective as we have it now. You can visit here to see more about FCSC history.

It is believed that many civil servants in the country doesn’t possess right attitude to work.

Many of these workers often choose to stay at home on Friday while others only visit office to mark register.

This unhealthy attitude from government workers forced the Federal government into creating the Federal Civil Service Commission in order to checkmate and stop civil servants from exhibiting this worrisome character as soon as possibl.

The Functions of the Federal Civil Service Commission

It is important that you, as federal government worker or a Nigerian, know the functions of the Federal Civil Service Commission. This is why we have decided to quickly discuss the functions of the agency below:

  • It serves as civil servants’ mouthpiece to the central government: One of the major functions of the FCSC is that it represents federal government workers in any meeting that involves Senior Staffs committee of various ministries.
  • It penalizes senior staff for wrongdoings: Most senior staffs believe that they can’t be punished for their inefficiency until the FCSC was created. This is because it has the power to discipline senior staffs according to the nature of their offences.
  • It oversees senior officer’s recruitments: FCSC also has a major role to play when it comes to hiring senior officers into a new position
  • It oversees the promotion of senior staffs: The agency plays a key role in deciding whether a government worker is due for promotion or not. It conducts promotional exams and interviews for promotion seekers to see if they are truly ready for new and higher challenges.

The Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment Process

This aspect of the article is dedicated to that young man or woman whose desire is to be gainfully employed as FSCS worker or member.

We are going to tell you what to do to stand a chance of being employed into one of the ministries listed below:

  1. Federal Ministry of Information
  2. Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments
  3. Federal Ministry of Environment
  4. Bureau of Public Procurement.
  5. Federal Ministry of Justice.

Where and how to begin your recruitment procedure

You can commence your application procedures using two methods which are the online method and offline method.

Online application method

This method requires you to carry out all of your registration processes on the FCSC official website. All you need to do is strictly follow the procedures that are outlined below:

1. Visit the Federal Civil Service official portal, which will display the list of available vacant positions

2. Click on the position vacant position of your choice and you will be redirected to FCSC recruitment portal.

3. Having gained access to the recruitment portal, you’re advised to create an account.

4. Login to your account and complete all the remaining processes without any error or provision of false information about yourself.

Offline Method

This method does not require any internet connection because all procedures are carried out physically. You have to visit the office of the chairman of States Civil Service Commission of any of the following geo-political zones to obtain the FCSC recruitment form:

North-West — (Kaduna)

North-Central & Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mabushi (Abuja)

North-East (Yola)

South-West (Ibadan)

South-East (Owerri)

South-South (Port Harcourt).

You are expected fill and submit the application form as soon as possible. In fact, it should spend more than two weeks with you.

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