Trader Moni : How to your money Transferred to your Bank Account 2023/2024

FG Trader Moni & Eyowo Update: How to your money Transferred to your Bank Account via eyowo 

Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP) in partnership with the Bank of Industry also known as BOI are now empowering petty traders, market men and women with free interest loan which is only repayable just after 6 months.

Since the inception of the program there has been a lot of testimonies from those who received the money But you what we found out of recent was that majority of beneficiaries are finding it difficult to withdraw this money which is already at their finger tip.

Trader moni
So this article we give you a step by step guide on how you can transfer your trader moni straight into your bank account using just a single code or an optional app known as eyowo app. Am sure you must have heard about this app?

How Trader Moni works


Although we have given a well detailed explanation in our last article here.

You have to first register through an agent after you must have meet all necessary documentation and requirements the money will be sent directly to your Mobile account after just 48 hours you completed your registration.

Maximum Amount one can collect from Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market Moni

Although at the inception the money looks small but as you show your trust worthiness you will be given more funds to increase or expand your business.

So let’s take a look at the maximum amount that each category of beneficiaries will receive.

  1. Farmer moni : this are free interest loans made available to farmers. they are the major beneficiary of this program as they can get up to three hundred thousand naira (300,000)
  2. Market moni : if you are an artisans and you want to expand your business you can get access to free interest loan of up to 100,000.
  3. Trader moni :this are lines that are made available to petty traders, you only need to belong to a union in your place of work to access up to fifty thousand naira (50,000)

Who can apply for the FG Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market Moni

Trader moni

As long as you are a Nigerian by birth, you have a business that is within the shores of the economy of Nigeria, you are up to 18 year of age and finally you belong to a union or corporative in your place of work then you are free to apply.

You don’t necessarily need to belong or support a political part before you will be allow to participate. All tribes and people of diverse regions either Christians or Muslims are free to apply.

Notice to all Trader Moni, Farmer Moni and Market Moni Beneficiaries

We all know that the money is a federal government money, we understand that most people will say “well na government” please note that This money is not free (dash), you are required to repay it back within a given period of time; maximum of 6 months

What is Eyowo Account  ?

To some of us the word Eyowo sounds like one local name or something like that but far from that.
Eyowo is simple a market digital solution that helps individuals to carry out a day to day transaction with little understanding. To get started you have to first create an account which shouldn’t take much of your time.

Trader moni Eyowo Mobile App

To make financial transactions easy to implement Eyowo digital groups has made an app which is to be downloaded from either play store or iPhone store.
All you have to do is to visit this places i mention then type the apps name then install and sign in.

Eyowo transfer code

TO make things more easy for those who are not on internet the digital system provider has provided a simple ussd code that will help you to transfer money directly to you bank account, pay bills and even purchase items online.
The code is *4255#

I want to be an Eyowo trader moni agent in Nigeria

To do that you have to meet the minimum requirements, prove of identification and also present a guarantor . For further information on how to become an agent work up to a agent in your locality and inform him of your desire or simple wait for my next article where i will give a detailed guide on how to become an agent.

How will I fill my trader moni form or register for trader moni

Registration for trader moni is very easy in fact i have written a step by step guide or tutorial that will explain everything to you.
Please note that there are requirements you must meet before you apply

How can i transfer money to my bank account

This is what this article is all about in fact its import you downloaded that Eyowo app we talked about above install in then follow the procedure outline there to do just that.
Or you make use of a ussd code which is *4255#

Procedure on how to transfer trader moni into your bank account Via Eyowo

Please carefully follow the instructions below to successfully transfer your funds to your bank account.

  • Before you can send money to your bank account you must have gotten the alert first.
  • The only app which you can use to move this money into your personal (savings or current) account is called Eyowo app
  • Always remember that you stand a chance to receive more funds if you make use good of the money.
  • See step by step guide on how to apply do r trader moni
  • First try to locate any agent in your locality
  • You will be given a trader moni application form to fill, fill it correctly.
  • A space will be provided for you to enter your GSM number
  • You will receive a code on that GSM number that will be use to validate your identity.
  • Under 45hrs latest you will receive an alert on your online account.
  • Quick download the Eyowo app will have been talking about since here,
  • Use this app to conveniently move the moni to your savings or current account
  • Walk up to the bank to withdraw your money either with Atm card or withdrawal slip.
  • Use the money to expand your business, pay back the loan to receive more money.

how will I get trader moni code to send sms

You don’t have to worry too much about this, during registration ensure you provide your valid phone number and the system will automatically send you a code in few seconds.

I need the link to government trader moni

Trader moni is the brain child of The bank of Industry, so the link remains

Hope you also know that you can register through an agent? Yes you can and finally don’t forget to meet all the requirements they ask for. Don’t be afraid to use the money to expand your business..

Closing date of FG Trader Moni loan scheme /farmer moni, market moni

Have it in mind that the scheme will run through 2019.make sure you make wise use of this opportunity to your own good.

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