how much is jamb regularization (NYSC+Direct Entry)

how much is jamb regularization (NYSC+Direct Entry)

how much is jamb regularization, what will it cost me?

since i wrote down an article titled how to do jamb regularization you can click here to read it.

Ever since that article most graduates and undergraduate who are affected have been asking the price of jamb regularization.

NOTE : that without your Jamb registration number, it will be impossible for you to apply for jamb direct entry, it will be also impossible to participate in the compulsory NYSC scheme.

who are those who need to regularize


not all undergraduates or graduates really needs to undergo this process. but to be sure that you are not among click here to check Your Jamb regularization status now.

and also click here to see the complete list of those who need to regularize.

how much is jamb regularization

this is a very important questions because no one would like to go to the registration center well prepared only to be told a price different and a way higher than what he or she bargains for.

knowing the price or what it will cost you to effectively process your Jamb regularization is your first step in.

How much is jamb regularization /payment

It will cost you about 10,000 naira to process your regularization with jamb. but mind you there might be extra fee or service charges by the business center or whosoever wants to process it for you.

So I will advise to to add extra 2000 for unforeseen expenses so that you won’t be caught unaware.

if you will also like to know about the deadline of JAMB regularization click here.

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