How to check Airtel data balance|share data |check credit balance

How to check Airtel data balance|share data |check credit balance|share credit |data plan subscription code and prices 2021 

Are you searching for how to successfully check your Airtel data balance, how to share or transfer Airtel data, how to share Airtel credit , share MB and also subscription code etc? Then you have come to the right post.

This article is like 4 on one, we are actually going to discuss everything that has to do with Airtel data and credit, important codes to dial to get all your issues resolved. So let’s go.

Airtel data plan subscription code /how to buy data on airtel 2021


Airtel data

Data Allowance amount in Naira Validity Days Activation codes
50MB N100 24 hours *410#
200MB N200 3 days *412#
25MB (5MB DAILY) N100 5 days *401#
350MB N300 7 days *417#
750MB N500 14 days *418#
1.5GB N1,000 30 days *496#
3.5GB N2,000 30 days *437#
5GB N2,500 30 days *437*1#
7GB N3500 30 days *438#
9GB N4,000 30 days *438*1#
250 MB N300 25 days *885*1#
3GB N1,500 30 days *435#
200MB N525 7 days *440*17#
40MB N100 1 day *440*18#
3GB (for Blackberry only) N1,000 30 days *431#

Step on How to check data balance in Airtel on Android and iPhone 2021

You have just subscribed for a particular data plan and you always want to check what is remaining after surfing the net, doing some little download or streaming your popular YouTube channel.
Nothing beat it if you can easily check your data balance using a USSD code with just a single dial.

To check your data balance on Airtel network you only need to dial *223# and wait for the system to process it. After a few minutes, your subscription balance will be display to you.

Data Balance *140#
Airtime & Data Balance *223#
Data Volume Balance *141# >> 6

How to Check Airtel data balance with SMS and text message 2021 :

Airtel data

There are a some Sim card that will abnormally refuse to send USDD code any how you try, so what comes up next is the SMS option that allows you to send a particular word in sms then you get a reply

  • Text status to 141.

How to check your airtel weekly, daily, monthly data balance 2021 :

  • If you can remember the type of data plan you subscribe you can alternatively dial *141# on your device
  • then this should be followed by “1”
  • then an option will come up
  • Select your plan (weekly or monthly or mega plan).
  • Wait for few seconds for your balance to arrive.

How to check your Airtel credit account balance 2021

Now that we are through with checking data balance let’s quickly show you how to check your credit balance sharp sharp.

  • It’s very easy and simple and involves just 3 codes.. Dial *123# on your phone and wait for the response.

How to share data plan with your friends (SmartSHARE) 2021

Unlike before one can hardly get a service from our network provider that helps one to share data with family and friends but today all that is now a thing of the past as all network providers are now introducing new features that will easily allow subscribers to share their data with friends , colleagues and family members.

You can now share your data balance on Airtel network through a service known as SmartSHARE, which gives you the ability to share data at your convenience.

  • First dial *141# on your phone.
  • From the options that display, select 5 (gift to share)
  • The system will redirect you to an option which will either ask you to change pin and 2 share option.

Other Airtel data sharing service are :

  1. Gifting: here you can buy data from your credit balance for someone who is far away. If you have someone in Lagos who need data, instead of transferring him or her credit to buy data, you can just do that your self.
  2. Me 2 U : this is the most popular plan of them all, this service allow you to Share your already purchased data with who ever you want to share it with.

Things to know about Airtel data plan subscription:

  • It is advisable to make use of all your data before the expiration date.
  • Remember that data rollover has not been implemented now, unused data might be wipe out after the expiry date.
  • For fast browsing always make use of this APN

Airtel mobile app for all service:

Since you are a loyal subscriber to Airtel and you love their services, it will be a nice idea for you to download their app. This app is readily available for all Android and iPhone users.
If you are an android user you can download it from play store.

Ios users download here

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