Jamb: Is it possible to buy two (2) jamb/DE forms – 2023/2024 double registration

Jamb : Is it possible to buy two (2) jamb/DE forms – 2023/2024 double registration

So many jamb and Direct entry candidates have been asking if it will be possible to obtain two forms at a time.

can 1 person obtain two direct entry forms?,
Can 1 person obtain two jamb forms?
jamb double registration
can someone register for jamb and direct entry at the same time

This above and many more questions are what most jamb and direct entry candidates have been asking.

And today i will give you a clear answer

jamb double registration


buy two jamb and direct entry form
If you are trying to buy tow (2) jamb forms just to increase your chances to find getting admission this year then you are on the right post

In the past before the introduction of finger print scanner most people found a way to increase their chances of securing admission by getting two jamb forms.

Some even went as far as getting 3 to 4 direct entry forms just to be sure that they don’t spend extra one year at home if anything should happen to one results.

Well this was a very smart move and jamb soon realize this and quickly introduce the compulsory finger print scanner device

It’s sure that no one individual has just sane finger print.

Double registration is seen as a criminal offense and if caught it can lead to one’s results being held and also the arrest and prosecution of such individuals.

can 1 person obtain two jamb / direct entry forms? –

You have to understand that jamb has put so much measures in place to checkmate double registration.

There are so much security features from fingerprint scanner, to photos auto recognition techniques,extra security being mount on every accredited jamb centers to many more.

If you can beat this feature then your answer is yes you can buy two jamb forms but of a truth it’s highly risky, don’t put your whole admission in a pure gamble.

can someone register for jamb and direct entry at the same time

Yes someone can register for jamb and direct entry at same time, it does not contradict any act or law establishing the JAMB exam board.

So you can apply for both jamb and jamb de this year 2022/2023 and be rest assured that nothing will go wrong

What might happen if you are caught buying two jamb forms

There are several consequences of buying two jamb forms if the long arm of the law finally get hold of such individuals and they are as follows :

  1. Ban from taking future jamb exams: yes most candidates have been banned from taking jamb exams due to fraud of the highest order.
  2. One can be jail : most exam misconduct act can land one in prison and long jail term from 7 years and above

You can’t buy two direct entry forms, it’s against the law and so highly risky.
You can’t buy two jamb forms it’s also risky.

We believe that if you study hard, read all jamb syllabus and past questions and answers then you will have a higher chances of securing admission.

Never pass the back doors to achieve your aims as there might be great consequences.

5 thoughts on “Jamb: Is it possible to buy two (2) jamb/DE forms – 2023/2024 double registration”

  1. I have bought any registered even done thumb printing for jamb 2019 with the email add number I used for 2017 registration but my profile is still showing details of 2017.should I buy another form with a number And email or is another way out

  2. Chukwuma Blessing

    Your posts are confusing.

    You said in one of them that we can successful register for DE and Jamb the same time, without Issues.

    Then,you said it can’t be done in the next post.

    I want to register for DE with my Jupeb result as well as Jamb.
    I really want to be assured that it won’t affect anything.

    Anticipating your reply, Sir.
    Good evening!

  3. I really want to apply for De tho have registered for jamb already can it still be done with no contradiction??
    Thanks in anticipation

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