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Jamb reprinting Slip
Are you willing to sit for 2023/2024 jamb examination? If yes, then you should start preparing as soon as possible because early preparation enhances your chance of coming out with flying colors.

As part of your preparation for the upcoming examination, I believe it is important you know what jamb reprinting really means and how to do it.

How Print JAMB Exam Slip 2023/2024


Method 1:

  • Visit https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng/
  • Jamb.gov.ng/efacilityJamb slip reprint
  • or go through the direct link https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/printpscexaminationslip
  • Go to UTME 2021 Exam Slip Menu
  • Enter Jamb Registration Number
  • Click On Print UTME Exam slip

That’s all

Method 2:

  • Click on Jamb Reprinting portal @ jamb.gov.ng/PrintExamslip
  • Enter Jamb registration number, Email or SMS
  • Re-Print Jamb slip.

You must have heard of jamb reprinting from students who sat for the 2023/2024 session of the examination. So, it is your turn to experience it but this post will get you prepared ahead of time. So, what’s jamb reprinting slip?

Jamb reprinting slip is arguably the most important step to take after registering for the examination because it helps you know your exam centre, date and time.

Unlike what it used to be in time past when students would get their exam date and time as soon as they finish online registration, students no longer get this information(s) unless they do the compulsory reprinting exercise.

You now see why you shouldn’t think that your jamb registration is successful until you reprint your Jamb slip at any nearby jamb accredited centre.

Meanwhile, you can equally complete your reprinting task via your personal computer without visiting any cyber Café. You just need an effective internet network as you will need to visit jamb’s reprinting portal.

Three ways you can reprint your jamb Slip 2023/2024

There are three methods by which you can reprint your jamb slip. They include:

  1. Reprinting via jamb’s reprinting portal
  2. Through email address
  3. Through your e-profile

(I) How to reprint jamb slip 2023/2024 via the reprinting portal method

There is a special webpage created for all jamb candidates who want to reprint their slip using this method. Here is a step-by-step guide for everyone who is deploying this method.

1. Visit jamb’s reprinting website Here.

2. Login to your jamb account by providing the email and password you used during registration.

3. Click on the ‘reprint jamb slip’ button and input your jamb registration number to check.

4. Wait for a few seconds for the system to process your details. It will display all the needed information you need about your forthcoming UTME exam including center, date and time.

5. Print out and photocopy the information as you will need it prior to the exam and in the nearest future.

(II) How to Reprint jamb slip using the email address method

This procedures are for people who wants to print their jamb slip via email. It is important to pay maximum attention if you belong to this set of people.

1. Check your email spam folder to detect any message from jamb: If you have been receiving messages from jamb via your email address in time past, you are likely to receive another mail that will contain all the information about your UTME examination.

Therefore, you are advised to check you email spam folder to see if you have a message from jamb. It is important you know that the message is attached to a document which contains all info about your exam.

2. Print out thecmessage as soon as you see it: There’s no need wasting time after receiving the important message from jamb. Ensure that your system is connected to a Pdf-enabled device that can open a document file.

Click on the Pdf file and you will be automatically provided the chance to print it out if you want. Just click on the ‘print’ button and that’s all.

(III) How to reprint jamb slip 2023/2024 using jamb’s e-facility method

1. Visit jamb’s official website via this link

2. Click on the e-facility and login to your account by entering your email and password.

3. Click on ‘reprint your jamb slip’ located at the top right corner of the screen. An empty box will be displayed on your screen.

4. Type your jamb registration number into the box and click on the ‘reprint button’ to see your exam date, time, and location.

Instructions For Jamb Reprint

We admonish all jamb candidates to carefully Note the following we have listed down below, before going ahead to make any Reprint of their Jamb Slip :

  • JAMB portal allows candidates to quickly check their details online such as exam date, venue and lot more just with their phone
  • Making printout is necessary hence you should connect your phone or other gadgets used to access your information on JAMB portal to a printer. You might ask why? Well you should need the hard copy before you gaining entrance into your center.
  • Though jamb has made it very clear that candidates should register at designated centers as approved by jamb. But that doesn’t implies that you can’t print your slip at business centre or anywhere you choose.
  • You don’t necessarily need to break the bank before you can print your slip. We understand that fuel prices are high but please budget not more than 500 naira for the Reprint. They can charge you anywhere from 150 to 500.
  • Next we should be informing you about the importance of making photocopies of the Reprint. You can make like 3 photocopies or even more; 2 for entrance into your exam hall and the rest for reference purposes.
  • Its a matter of choice when it comes to printing on black and white or coloured printout.
  • Do you know that it is very possible for candidates to just check-in on their supposed exam date and venue without bordering on printing?
  • More also candidates can still print out their slip making use of their email/username and password.

Forgotten My Email Password

Don’t panic because you lost or can’t remember your password or email address, it’s a small issue so don’t allow that give you headache. All you should do right away is to just click on RESET/FORGOT PASSWORD , you get to see that on the login url or jamb profile page login portal. Follow the next step that comes in the line to get every issue resolved.

Are you still getting or finding it difficult accessing your email? This problem should be connected to wrong details like wrong email address or password. In this case check your jamb photo card or slip. your email address is there, ensure you enter it as it is written there.

Jamb Made Mistake In My Email

If there was a mistake with your email with jamb, that mistake is as a result of error from whoever registered your jamb. We have seen mistakes like [email protected] instead of [email protected].

Well, such error can be corrected

only if you can create an email exactly like this ([email protected]) when you succeed in creating this email you should be able to receive important details from jamb such as exam date and venue

What if the email is already being used by another person? You can only contact the user and let him or her know of your situation and how important it is to you. He can chose to forward the details to you.

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