Nigerian navy monthly salary structure/seamen structure -2024/2025

Nigerian navy monthly salary structure/seamen salary structure 2024/2025

In this article we shall be discussing about the Nigerian Navy salary structure  , how much seamen are paid on monthly basis. We shall also provide you details about their rank and file.

Nigeria navy recruitment form

The Nigerian Navy are paid outstanding salaries and bonus but the salaries are subjected to their ranks. What i mean here is that The Nigerian Navy salaries are paid based on their ranks, those with lower rank will definitely receive lower salaries than those who are in higher rank.

Before obtaining a rank or being promoted in the Nigerian Navy your years in service, expertise and courses you are able to pass successfully are taken into consideration

One thing I love about the Nigerian Navy is that it comes with respect, joining the Nigerian Navy means steady flow of monthly income for you. All recruitment are done via Thai official portal which is
Applicant who want to join are advised to submit their application through the official portal.

Nigerian Navy rank and symbol


It’s important we also look into the rank of the Nigerian Navy and their insignia.
The Nigerian Navy insignia is usually located on the shoulder, it tells you the level such a Navy personnel is.
Please note that the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy is called Admiral of the fleet while the lowest rank is known as the ship man.

Just like the Nigerian army, the Nigerian Navy is divided into two categories : the commission officer and non commission officer.

Nigerian Navy Rank [from highest level to the lowest]


    • – Warrant Chief Petty Officer;
    • – Chief Petty Officer;
    • – Petty Officer;
    • – Leading Rating;
    • – Able Rating; – Ordinary Rating;
  • – Nigerian Navy Naval Officers Salary Scale


    • – Admiral of the Fleet;
    • – Admiral;
    • – Vice-Admiral;
    • – Commodore;
    • – Captain;
    • – Commander;
    • – Lieutenant Commander;
    • – Lieutenant;
    • – Sub-Lieutenant;
    • – Acting Sub-Lieutenant;
  • – Mid-Shipman.

Nigerian navy ranks

  1. Mid shipman: this is smiler to the Nigerian army second lieutenant and the Nigerian Air force pilot officer, this is the lowest or least rank in the Nigerian Navy in the category of the commissioned officer.
  2. Sub lieutenant : this is similar to the Nigerian army lieutenant and the Nigerian Air force flying officer. The sub lieutenant is higher Than the mid shipman and relieves more salaries and bonus.
  3. Lieutenant : the Nigerian Navy lieutenant receives more salaries Than The sub lieutenant and they are same as captain in the Nigerian army.
  4. Lieutenant commander : just like major and squadron leader in the army and Air force holder of this rank is highly respected
  5. Commander : holder of this rank is highly respected too just like that of holders of lieutenant colonel and wing commander in the army and Air force respectively.
  6. Captain: captain are officers that are in control of large ships on sea, they are same as colonel in the army
  7. Commodore : in the Nigerian Air force they are regard as commodore same name but in the army they are the same as Brigadier
  8. Rear Admiral: the Rear admiral are mostly called 2 stars officers and something reg flag and they are above the commodore.
  9. Vice Admiral: if you are looking for the equivalent of the lieutenant General of the Nigerian Military in any of the armed forces then its no other than the vice Admiral
  10. Admiral : this is the highest rank any one can attain in the Nigerian Navy. The admiral and the General in the Nigerian army are same, Also with Air field marshal of the Air force.
  11. Admiral of the field fleet : this is largely seen as a title.

Nigerian Navy salary structure

An Admiral: an admiral earns approximately 16 million Naira per year or over 1 million Naira per month

A Vice Admiral: a vice admiral earns 13 million Naira per year or over 1 million Naira per month

Rear-Admiral: A Rear Admiral earns 12 million Naira per year or around 1 million Naira per month

Commodore: 7 million Naira per year or nearly 600,000 Naira per month

Captain: a Navy captain earns 4 million Naira per year or over 300,000 Naira per month

Commander: A Navy commander Over 3 million Naira per year or approximately 250,000 Naira per month

Nigerian Navy Ranks for commissioned officers

  1. Admiral of the Fleet
  2. Admiral
  3. Vice-Admiral
  4. Rear Admiral
  5. Commodore
  6. Captain
  7. Commander
  8. Lieutenant Commander
  9. Lieutenant
  10. Sub-Lieutenant
  11. Acting Sub-Lieutenant
  12. Mid-Shipman

Nigerian Navy Ranks for non-commissioned officers

  1. Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  2. Chief Petty Officer
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Leading Rating
  5. Able Rating
  6. Ordinary Rating
  7. Trainee

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary Structure

Nigerian Navy Rank Salary (per annum) Salary (per month)
Admiral ₦16,303,140 ₦1,358,595
Vice-Admiral ₦13,363,229 ₦1,113,602
Rear Admiral ₦12,038,945 ₦1,003,245
Commodore ₦7,385,856 ₦615,488
Captain ₦3,715,859 ₦309,655
Commander ₦3,380,086 ₦281,674

Nigerian Navy ranks for non commission officers

non commission officers are junior officers of the Nigerian Navy. They are mostly personnel of the Nigerian Navy that where recruited using the secondary school certificate.
They are non graduate and mostly take orders from commission officers who are in charge of the real power.

The non commission officers are divided into six grounds and they are lead by a warrant officer. Other officers in the non commission officers categories are the chief petty officer, petty officer,leading rating, Able rating and trainee

Nigerian Navy ranks for commission officers

This sets of officers are in charge and control of the decision making, they are seen as the ogas…. Unlike the non commission officers who got into the. Navy with just school cert , the commission officers are actually graduate.

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