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In this article we shall update you on current job openings that will be available in the central bank of Nigeria.

Cbn recruitment form portal 2019/2020

We will like you to know that working with the CBN is not like working with other federal government agencies, CBN is just like a bank where you must arrive on time before 8am and demise late in the evening.

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At this junction i will like to point out some certain things about the much anticipated Central Bank of Nigeria recruitment

  1. The form is not yet out for now: the central bank of Nigeria recruitment form is not out for now although we have seen a lot of sites claiming that its out. This fact can be verify from the central bank of Nigeria recruitment page.
  2. The form if out will be free of charge: recruitment agencies both federal government ministries has been asked to stop selling forms to prospective job seekers. It doesn’t even make sense for job seekers who are struggling to feed to cough out money for an employment offer.
  3. The recruitment process will come in different stages : just like the Civil defence, police and army recruitment which comes in different stage, the central bank of Nigeria recruitment process won’t be an exception. The first batch will be called for an online interview test which will be held in all state zone of the country . Only a few individuals will pass this online test,

Note:After the test there will a screening process that will be adopted in Abuja, to this end all applicants will proceed to face a panel in Abuja.

We are sure that there is no one that won’t like to work with the central bank of Nigeria. recruitment requirement


There are some requirements that have been put in place to see that the best hands are recruited.

  • Before you can work with the central bank of Nigeria you should be a graduate with a 2:1 certificate or it equivalent from other higher institution.
  • Before you can work with CBN you must be of good behavior and be free from any criminal case.
  • Working with CBN will require you to be a computer literate, you must know how to operate a computer and it application.
  • Only Nigerians are allowed to apply, because of the local content law, expatriates are not permitted to apply.
  • Your age can also act as a barrier, only those who are 22 and 30 years of age can apply.

How to apply for cbn recruitment jobs

Before you can apply you have to check your self very well if you are qualify for the job, you also must be willing to work.

All application shall be online, the recruitment test and screening will be online based.
Note that the central bank of Nigeria recruitment is not on at the moment please stay away from any one promising job position in cbn no matter how he present the offer to you.

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    1. Amadi Chidinma Jennifer

      I have passion, willing and dedicated to working in your organization. Please sir/ma keep me posted once the recruitment process is on. Thank you.

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    I, Ugochukwu Chinenye Augusta wish to express my immense desire on CBN recruitment. Please keep me informed on email. [email protected]
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