NYSC BATCH (A, B, C) stream 1 & 2 2023/2024 green card printing

NYSC BATCH (A, B, C) stream 1 & 2 green card printing/when will my call up number show? 

We understand that majority of prospective NYSC Corp members are yet to see their call up number, we understand your plight that is why we decided to put down this article to address this important issue at hand.

On this post we shall give you guide in how to print out your green card and what time you are expected to print it out.

What is NYSC green card?


After you must have successfully fill all your details on NYSC registration portal, submit your application with out any problems you are expected to print out a document
The NSYC green card is very important because it contain your call up number which might appear like this :CALL-UP-NO. : NYSC /UPP/2018/8493*****

You are expected to print out this card just few days or weeks after you first submitted your details through the registration portal.

Why is my call up number not showing on my nysc Green card?

NYSC has mandated all PCM to make a compulsory one time payment through remitta, they are either to pay this money at the bank after generating a Remitta code or via using their ATM card.

If you fails to do any of this then you will be deny from seeing your call up. Number.

What to do if your call up number is not showing online

Since you didn’t make the payment when others where paying then you need to visit your school stand under the sun or queue up to collect it…. Hahahhahhah it funny. But don’t panic i was just joking. Visit your school to get it that payment is optional 3000 plus is not small money you can even use it to buy one ot two item to camp.

Date when to print out nysc batch A, B, C Green ard

You are advised to keep checking the NYSC portal for that or keep visiting this page.
Once the date has been concluded you will be notify through your email. So check your inbox from time to time as well

Step on how to print nysc batch B, C, (stream 1and 2) green card to see your call up number

  • Those who received the information via mail, we see a link to print it out.
  • Please ensure you have a PDF reader first
  • You are expected to visit the NYSC officail portal
  • Input your email address and passwords in a space that will be provided
  • Finally click on print to print your green card

Hope this article is helpful to you? Don’t fail to comment if you have any problem or question to ask.

8 thoughts on “NYSC BATCH (A, B, C) stream 1 & 2 2023/2024 green card printing”

  1. Hi, i followed your method to print green card, although i haven’t made the payment. I tried to download it on my phone, then take it out to print on paper. But then i was told to make payment first. Does it mean i cant get my green card till i make payment?

  2. Mohammed Abdulmumin

    i have register for regulalization and i cant log in to register for my NYSC service.

    Please help me to comfirm the situation.

    thank you

    Mohammed Abdulmumin

    1. do I need to go for affidavit because they interchange my names in jamb regularization list, my middle name came before my first name although it’s the same name do I need to go for affidavit because what is in my matric number is different from the one on my jamb list.

  3. Ibrahim usman ojo

    my name is on the Senate list but I cn not do my registration. is telling me that my Name has been uploaded that I cn not do any registration any more I just graduated last year 2018 an have not do any registration b4. pls help me b4 the closing date of registration which is on 12 of Wednesday. this is my jamb regulations number 46530889dd my matric number is 2016/HND/PAD/072. my name is Ibrahim usman ojo 4rm kogi state polytechnic lokoja. pls help out I dont wont to put all my hope on my school.

  4. my name is Osunwa Joy i have done my nysc registration and even made the payment but my green card is not showing all am seeing is awaiting call-up what do i do

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