Qualities Of Craftsmanship In Nigeria

Being a craftsman is not easy, you need to have the qualities of good craftsmanship.

Qualities Of Good Craftsmanship


Within the nuances of each discipline, there are numerable things that make one skilled, but some of the key characteristics of an excellent craftsman cry across categories :

1. They are motivated by mastery rather than attaining a status.

2. They are wishing to make sacrifices in finance, free time and relationships.

3. They behave in the end value of what they are making.

4. They balance a passion for history and tradition with a drive to innovate.

5. They plan and think first.

6. They immerse themselves and can maintain focus on their work.

7. They put in the hours for their craft to become a habit of daily life.

8. They know that you have never really ‘made it’ even if you don’t think of yourselves as creative or crafty. Let’s say you have never made something in your life, it does not matter.

Craftsmanship is an attitude and one we believe is important to cultivate.

Processes Of Craft Development

Craft development process employs four (4) steps process to make sure all pieces come together. They are :

1. Project Forecasting : It is about site selection and vision. This first step in our process ensures that your structure fits, enhances, integrates and add value to property, neighborhood and community.

We look at the big picture when it comes to your custom build. It is not about a singular structure, it shows the structure fits and enhance its surrounding.

The philosophy extends to the aesthetics of your build and the process by which it build.

When you are paling your project, use a local and professional craftsman that takes pride in authentic workmanship and materials.

2. Model Classic Design : You should work with the finest local architect and designer which shares a common niche.

Your first hand knowledge of the local market is essential for knowing what the market can sustain. The budget for the project is also carefully designed and planned.

3. Craftsman Built Product : In a craft development built project, one can literally see that pride that goes into the constructions use.

Only the craftsman in the industry is to ensure that your structure follow the construction process.

4. Finest quality at a great value going to the market is the most exciting time for craft development.

Knowing what the market craves (both financially and aesthetically) and knowing that we have created a product unsurpassed in quality makes us proud to list.

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