See Popcorn machine prices in Nigeria 2023 current market prices

See Popcorn machine prices in Nigeria  current market prices

popcorn is just a combination of corn kernel which has been properly heated to a point where it expand and puffs up.

preparing Popcorn is not that difficult you only require a small pot or kettle then have your corn mixed with butter or oil, poured on your pot while you gently apply heat to it.

But if you want to go into commercial sale of freshly and eye catching Popcorn business there is every need to employ specially designed popcorn machines. This machine will make the whole process easier.

See Popcorn machine prices in Nigeria

If you are running a Popcorn business then there is every possibility that you be needing a good Popcorn machine to prepare the delicious popcorn because with out a perfect Popcorn machine you won’t be able to make an eye catching Popcorn that the general public won’t be able to resist.

types of popcorn machine and their prices


There are several types of popcorn machine in the market, but let’s just list the popular ones out there :

Electric popcorn machine:

here the popcorn machine is electric operated. The concept here is that this type of popcorn machine uses electricity as it source of energy. For it to function effectively you need to have a steady power supply.

Manual /Gas powered popcorn machine:

this is the most popular type of machine most Nigerians make use of. It can be locally fabricated with local materials hence becoming more affordable than the Electric popcorn machine
Manual popcorn machine is still refer to as Gas powered popcorn machine because it uses gas to constantly provide the needed heat while the corn is constantly turn in a little pot.

See Popcorn machine prices in Nigeria

Current Prices of Popcorn Machines in Nigeria

Home Popcorn Maker ₦8,000
Popcorn Machine ₦73,000
Football Popcorn Maker ₦11,500 – ₦12,000
Hot Air Popcorn Maker ₦8,000 – ₦10,000
Prestige – Cosmetics Popcorn Maker ₦20,000 – ₦22,000
Commercial Electric Popcorn Machine- 250 Volts ₦112,000 – ₦123,200
Classic Popcorn Maker ₦27,000 – ₦30,000
Electric Popcorn Maker ₦15,490 – ₦20,000
Mini Popcorn Machine ₦ 20,640
Microwave Popcorn Maker ₦ 1,800 – ₦ 3,200
Hot Air Popcorn Maker No 1200W Power ₦ 10,300 – ₦ 12,875
Kitchen Popcorn Maker ₦ 5,500 – ₦ 9,000

Tips in finding the best and suitable popcorn machine

Before buying a popcorn machine you should first consider certain things like the size of the machine, commercial use or personal use, source of energy and among others.

Size of the popcorn machine:

before buying a popcorn machine for commercial production it is best to go for larger once although it will be little expensive but the benefits and stress it will relieve you will outweigh the initial cost.

Check the wattage :

a Popcorn machine with a larger wattage will supply much needed heat to puff up a kernel. Expert have recommended 860 watts or more for those who are going into popcorn business.

Check the materials used to construct the machine :

first the materials should be of stainless and not plastic, secondly check if the glass is scratch resistant. Don’t fail to check the average pop time.

Check for warranty :

a manufacturer that is sure of his product will surely attach a warranty on his products. Also check for their contact and be sure that you can reach them.

Does it have a warming deck? :

a waring deck ensure that the popcorn is kept warm all day and this makes it looks fresh and appealing to customers. Please note that the warming deck normally have a heating element underneath which keeps the finish product warm.

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  1. hi, please i need popcorn machine for small business that uses electricity and gas and also that of gas alone.


  2. Pls I need a good popcorn machine that can use both electric and gas for commercial purposes. I reside in Aba, Abia State.
    I will be glad to get a feedback.

  3. Please I need a commercial popcorn machine that can be used with gas & Can also be used with electricity for business… please I need it urgently..

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