Steps To Write A Good Narrative Essay in WAEC, NECO or GCE

How to write a good narrative essay in waec, neco or gce exams.

Narration if as to be noted that every narrative essay is about accounting for event or happening that sometime took place.

In a simple form, every narration tells story.

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Topic or questions that require writing story can include the following but is not limited to :

• The day I will never forget.
• My last holiday.
• Had I know.

It is therefore important to know that events in narration are to be expressed in past, to this end, one must not use present tense verb.

It is important to always emphasize that for any narration to be acceptable, it must look like a real story.

The story in a narration must not be the story of animals, it must be the story of human beings.

To write a story that will be acceptable to every reader, such a story must contain three aspects or parts.

1. The beginning : This is usually the point where the story takes off. At this point, the writer must be able to take or make the reader understand what happens that lead to the beginning of action that started the story.

To do this very well, the writer must introduce the story very well to the reader.

If a reader does not understand the beginning of a story, it is going to affect the understanding of the entire story.

2. The middle : It is the heart of the entire story, most of the events and actions usually occur at this point.

No matter how real and sweet a narration essay is if it is full of expression errors, such a story is still bad.

To this end, narration should not be destroyed with errors that can be avoided.

Our expression must not be in long sentences.

Every writer must know that short sentences are easily controlled.

3. The final (End) : Every story that has a beginning must have an end. The story must be concluded well.

At this point, the writer allows the reader to know how the conflicts in the story line are resolved.

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