The Next Titan Reality TV Show Registration 2023/2024 | Audition

The Next Titan Reality TV Show Registration | Audition Date, Venue and How to Apply see starting date

When will the Next Titan Reality TV show registration begin, when will the form be available? This are the questions most Nigerians who want to participate in the Next Titan Reality TV Show are asking.

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In this article we shall not only update you on when the Next Titan Reality TV Show Registration form will be coming out but will also show you steps you have to follow so that your application will be accepted.

Note: the program is designed to last for just 13 weeks, in this 13 weeks all contestants are expected to leave inThe Next Titan ACADEMY

Next Titan Reality TV Show is a TV program that brings young entrepreneurs together under one platform. The aim of the contesting entrepreneur is compete with each just to win funds for the business.

How does the next reality TV show works


A project manager is in control of just two teams which are the contestants, here each of the contestants which made up the two team are expected to show the stuff he is made of ;

  1. they mostly display their creativity based on their individual business ideas
  2. Each of the contestant are expected to use his or her creativity surmount challenges with in a given deadline.
  3. Please note that at each stage a judge is present to scrutinize them.

The Next Titan Eligibility

There are certain requirements each contestant are expected to meet before they can apply.

  • First you have to be a citizen of Nigeria.
  • Your age is taken into consideration here;only those who are 22 to 35 are allowed to participate.
  • You must be ready to move from your comfort zone to any location in Nigeria where the program will hold.
  • You don’t need to be resident in Nigeria before you can apply. If you are residing outside Nigeria you can apply.

Please note that at the time of writing this article the Next Titan Reality TV Show Registration has not started.
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How to Register for Next Titan Reality TV Show

To download the form, you have to log into

And fill the form.

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  1. Daniel David chukwu

    I want to participate on this coming program, I will like to be informed on when to apply. Thanks

  2. Uwajeh Charles

    Iā€™m a business man. And I want to meet other business personalities and gain more knowledge. The next titan is a great platform to make that dream a reality. And thanks šŸ™ to the organizers for pulling up such an educative show

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