ultimate Guide on How To Write Jamb CBT 2023/2024 When You Are Not Good At Computer

How To Write Jamb CBT 2022/2023 When You Are Not Good At Computer:

in my last article i wrote about how to understand jamb 8 keys and how to put them into use when you are in the hall you can read that here
how to write jamb with out knowing how to operate computer
today’s article is just like an extension of what we discussed in the earlier post in which i pointed out that for you to successfully write jamb exams you just need a simple knowledge of computer.

You don’t necessarily need to go and start paying for several computer packages because of jamb, it’s quite very easy to write jamb even with out knowing computer at all.

Jamb 8 keys is different from the normal computer keys, so don’t panic or allow fear to make you go into depression, remain strong and you shall overcome all jamb wahala.

How To Answer Jamb Computer Based Examination (CBT)


I have put down all the steps you need for you to successfully answer jamb questions with out a full knowledge on how to operate computer click here to read

you can also click here to see how you can pass jamb by studying with past questions

I will still love you to share your views on how you where able to overcome CBT challenges when you first attempted it

Hope this is helpful to you? don’t worry i will get a video to explain it very well in a language you all will understand.

Dont forget to share your experience with previous jamb exams as this will help others, please share this article for me

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