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Union Bank of Nigeria Recruitment  Graduate & management Trainee Portal for Registration www.unionbankng.com

Union Bank of Nigeria PLC . Is a commercial bank that has branches scattered across all states in Nigeria.

Union Bank as fondly called by most Nigerians is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria, it history can be traced back to 1836 when London bankers and British merchants obtained a royal charter to operate.

Union Bank of Nigeria Plc started operations in Nigeria in 1917 and ever since then the bank has grown from strength to strength with a total asset of about NGN1,381 billion.

Union Bank Graduate Trainee Recruitment


Union Bank is inviting suitable and qualified Nigerians who would want to join the bank in realizing it core objective in the banking sector to come forward to apply for it Graduate Trainee recruitment programme.

According to the bank they would be looking for the best ever talents who can thrive in a diverse workplace that drives innovation and collaboration

Are you unemployment or currently underemployment? Then this is the perfect opportunity that awaits you now as you can now send in your application through the union Bank application website.

Union Bank Graduate Trainee recruitment Requirement

Every bank or organization has sects of rules, regulations and requirements that are use to select potential employees hence if you are interested in submitting your application then you must know the complete information as made known by Union Bank recruitment team.

  1. Age: Union Bank Graduate Trainee programme is strictly reserved for applicant who are of 26 at most. If you are more than 26 then your chances of success is slim or even impossible.
  2. Academic qualification: your academic qualifications also comes to play here, being a university graduate with a second class lower degree is important. If you are a second class lower grade or an HND degree holder it’s best you get a master degree.
  3. NYSC discharge certificate: you must have this important document before you can start applying. We believe you should have it by now or about completing your NYSC programme in let’s say 1 to 2 months time? If yes please apply but you must have your certificates before coming for the test.

Is Union Bank  recruitment on right now

Union Bank as a corporate entity that is committed to growth and expansion of their branches nationwide will always carry out massive recruitment programme that will help inject fresh blood in the system.

Hope you know that each year banks are made to retrench some workers that are due to retire due to their age hence new team and graduates that show some level of willingness to work are recruited.
Finding out if recruitment is going on is via

Please copy the url and paste on your browser: https://www.unionbankng.com/about/careers/

union bank management trainee salary

Working with union Bank of Nigeria comes with good pay that you won’t be able to resist. They give mouthwatering offer that is comparable to non.

You should know that Union Bank is one of the top rated bank in Nigeria and Africa at large hence they have the financial muscle and capacity to engage a large workforce and also maintain them with good renumeration, bonuses and packages on monthly and quarterly basis.

You might ask what is the basic level salary of Union Bank of Nigeria? This is a question most Nigerians want to know so we are pleased to inform you that Union Bank pays as high as N180,000 every month according to office and unit.
As you work your way through the ladder of success your pay will definitely increase with some bonuses too.

Please note that this pay is for real staffs/permanent staff not those who are on contract basis. Most banks workforce are about 60 to 70% are mainly contract staff hence if you are lucky enough to be employed as a graduate or management trainee you will surely get something like this.

How to Apply for Union Bank recruitment

The right channels to send in your application is through the Union Bank of Nigeria Recruitment website. You don’t necessarily need to visit any of it branches to submit your application.

Note:Copy the urls to your browser

Visit https://www.unionbankng.com/about/careers/

  1. The Union Bank pages loads.
  2. Click on the Apply button on the Union Bank page.
  3. A message appears that says ” welcome to the union Bank Management Trainee recruitment  application”
  4. You need to start your application.
  5. Also need a valid email address.
  6. All information submitted shouldn’t be false.
  7. Upload your documents.
  8. Validate your email so that you will always get feedback from Union Bank.
  9. That’s all.

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