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The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has announced the release of its first and second series GCE Results  . The 1st and 2nd series are the JAN/FEB and NOV/DEC Examinations respectively. Keep reading to access the GCE result checker below.

If you partook in any of the examinations above, this post was written to inform you that your results are now available for checking online. The WAEC GCE result checker portal has now been activated.

The board has advised candidates to check their GCE results in time, especially those who used awaiting results for their JAMB Registration.

However, if you don’t feel like checking it now, there is no offence. Even if you want to check it after ten years, your result will still be available. But it is better to check it earlier, so as to make clarifications and complaints.

If you are here, you surely don’t know how to check your GCE results, so this article is promising you a well structured and educating write up on how to access the GCE result checker.

Everything you need to check your WAEC GCE results fast and easily will be mentioned here. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) will also be answered. Let’s get started.

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What are the requirements to check my GCE Results 2023/2024 ?


You don’t just go to the WAEC GCE result checking portal or to a cyber café and tell them you want to check your results, without providing some important things. These are called the requirements. I will run you through them now.

1. Examination Number

The examination number is a 10-digit number assigned to every candidate in a specified year. The first 7 digit is your centre number, while the following 3 digit is your seat number.

Results are compiled according to the centres and seat number, which make up the examination number. If you forget it, you might not have access to your results anymore.

Wait! There’s a solution. Read this article to the end to know about it.

2. e-PIN.

This is a voucher number, that is used for your registration. It is written bold on your photo card. This is why it is advisable to make photocopies of your GCE photo card. However, if you no longer have any copy, you can purchase an e-PIN at a cyber café.

It is important to know that an e-PIN can only be used five (5) times only on the GCE result checker portal. On reaching this limit, your pin voucher is now useless. You can only check your result again by purchasing a scratch card.

3. Serial Number

This an alphanumeric data. It is made up of letters and numbers. It is a very detail for checking your result, when using the WAEC GCE result checker.

4. Examination year

This is the year in which your exam was written.

5. Type of Exam

WAEC GCE Result Checker

There are currently two (2) methods to check your WAEC GCE results. They are;

  • Online checking method
  • SMS method.

1. WAEC GCE Online Checking Method.

If you wish to check your results online, I will teach you how to do it easily. In fact, this is the better way to check your results, in the sense that you get to print your results out in the hard copy.

Follow these procedures to check your results online:

STEP 1: Access the online WAEC GCE result checker via https://www.waecdirect.org/

STEP 2: Enter your 10 digit WAEC Examination number e.g 6247905101

STEP 3: Enter the 4 digit WAEC Examination year e.g 2020

STEP 4: Select the type of examination i.e Private candidates results.

STEP 5: Enter the e-PIN voucher number.

STEP 6: Enter the Serial Number.

STEP 7: Click submit and wait for the result window to come up.

2. SMS Method

If you are having problems checking your results online, you should try the SMS method. Although, you won’t be able to print it out. Follow these procedures:

STEP 1: Make sure you have at least N30 in your airtime balance. This SMS costs N30.

STEP 2: Using an airtel, MTN or Glo SIM, send a short message in the format: WAEC*Exam no*PIN*Exam year to the short code 32327.

STEP 3: For example: WAEC*4251709111*123456789012*2015

STEP 4: Make sure there is no space in the message.

STEP 5: Wait for your results to be delivered to your phone via SMS.

If you have seen your results, I congratulate you on your success. However, there might be some challenges in accessing the GCE result checker. So I will quickly run you through some frequently asked questions.

I forgot my registration number, how do I check my GCE result?

Like I said earlier, if you have forgotten your examination number, there is a solution. If you check your GCE photo card, your registration details including your exam number is always printed on it.

However, if you have misplaced the photo card, don’t panic, there is still another solution. If you have the contact of any of your centre mates, reach him or her and ask for your centre number, which is the first 7 digit of your examination number. You should remember the remaining 3 digit which is your seat number.

If you don’t have access to any of the alternatives above, the only way to get your exam number back is to register for another GCE. This is the only option.

To write another GCE, you need to study hard and also get the WAEC syllabus so as to do well.

Can I use one e-PIN to check more than one result on the GCE Result Checker?

No, you can’t. If you have used the e-PIN to check the exam result of a particular exam number, it can’t  be used to check the result of another examination number.

My result is displaying outstanding, what should I do?

Outstanding results can be traced to different issues, not only exam malpractice. You are therefore advised to continue checking.

I filled my details on the WAEC GCE result checker portal, and the page says “there is no result for the candidate in the specified year, what could be the problem?

If you are seeing this message, you are advised to continue checking, as there might be network issues. You can also visit any WAEC office near you for assistance.

I checked my WAEC GCE result with the Examination number given to me but I saw someone else’s result, please help!

Please note that examination numbers are reused every year, and the only difference is the specified exam year. You are advised to change to the year you wrote your exam.

However, you will have to purchase a new WAEC result checker ePIN voucher to do this.

Still having problems checking your result? Try this. Send the following details to [email protected] for assistance:

1. Error message displayed

2. Your exam number

3. Type of exam

4. Year of exam.

You can also visit the nearest WAEC office to you for further inquiries.

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