UNN school & Acceptance fees 2023/2024 hostel

UNN school fees & Acceptance fees for  +hostel fees

This article is all about UNN school fees, how much UNN demands from you as a 100 level student. you will also find out the hostel fees and also the acceptance fees you are expected to pay.
UNN Admission List
So all those who are seeking for admission into UNN and who want to chose the institution in the forth coming  jamb should carefully read this article from A-Z.

congratulations to all those who have gotten admission into the prestigious UNN. now let’s take a look into the school fees, acceptance fees, laptops fee and finally hostel fees.

As you all know all this fees must be paid so as to resume and finally take your exams for the academic calendar,so we are going to present to you a comprehensive list of UNN  school fees schedule and how they should be paid.

UNN school fees 2023/2024


[pdf-embedder url=”https://youwinconnect.org.ng/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/20172018-UNDERGRADUATE-FEE-SCHED-FOR-FIRST-YEARS-1.pdf”]

Let’s break it down here


if you are in sciences you are expected to pay 58,950

Social sciences

for all social sciences school fees 57,950 just a thousand naira lesser

environmental studies

environmental studies 100 level students seems to pay high 60,450


57,950 for those in Agriculture

Education and Art

for education and art they are meant to pay the same fees 57,950


this department charge 61,450.

health sciences

health charges 64,450

medical sciences

Medicine and surgery charges 64,450


it’s the same with medical sciences 64,450


i thought they charge the lowest fees but was wrong 63,450

Biological Science

58, 350

business administration

bus administration pays 60,450


law student are meant to pay 63,450


all 100 pharmacies students should pay 64,450

check UNN admission list here

UNN Departmental cut off mark here

UNN list of courses and requirements offered

UNN post utme details here

UNN accommodation fee

once you know that you have been offered a provision admission, the first thing to do is to accept your admission offer by making a one time payment which shows you have now accepted the admission offer.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://youwinconnect.org.ng/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/UNN-OTHER-CHARGES.pdf”]

UNN laptop fees

unn made it compulsory for all students to purchase a laptop at 90,000 naira, though the laptop is a new one but we still feel it’s a big burden to parents for now.

the good news is that you can pay installments of 30,000, this means it can be split into 3

UNN acceptance fee

acceptance fee remains low which is a plus for most parents, it’s 25,000

16 thoughts on “UNN school & Acceptance fees 2023/2024 hostel”

  1. Please sir I scored 184 in jamb and I want to study sciology can I still get admission.
    Or should I change course

  2. Umeh Jonathan

    Interesting: what about those of us that gain admission via Direct entry, is it mandatory for us to pay for the laptop? Considering the fact that we will resume as 200level students and how much is our school fee(Direct Entry students) Business management department……

  3. Adinna Charles

    Good day sir, please I have three questions:
    1. Can I gain admission via DE into UNN without jamb because I actually did part time course (Mechanical Engineering) in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic?
    2. Is it mandatory to pay for laptop even after having a laptop?
    3. If the to question 1 above is NO, please what best advice can you offer?
    Thanks, I will be looking forward to your reply.

  4. Pls sir is the admission for DE for pharmacy course,and if there is how much is the cost for school fees for DE

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