WAEC Mathematics Questions and How to Check WAEC Expo Answers


1. Look at this series: 2, 1, 12, 14 ,… What number should come next?
A. 13
B. 18
C. 28
D. 116
E. 132

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2. A group of market women sell at least one of yam, plantain and maize. 12 of them sell maize, 10 sell yam and 14 sell plantain. 5 sell plantain and maize, 4 sell yam and maize, 2 sell yam and plantain only while 3 sell all the three items. How many women are in the group?
A. 25
B. 19
C. 18
D. 17


3. If log 10 to base 8 = X, evaluate log 5 to base 8 in terms of X.
A. 12
B. X-14
C. X-13
D. X-12


4. Find the value of X if 2√x+2√=1x−2√
A. 3√2+4
B. 3√2-4
C. 3-2√2
D. 4+2√2


5. If (a2b−3c)34a−1b4c5=apbqcr What is the value of p+2q?
A. (5/2)
B. -(5/4)
C. -(25/4)
D. -10


6. If {(a2b-3c)3/4/a-1b4c5} = apbqcr; what is the value of p+2q?
A. (5/2)
B. -(5/4)
C. -(25/4)
D. -10


7. A trader bought 100 oranges at 5 for N1.20, 20 oranges got spoilt and the remaining were sold at 4 for N1.50. Find the percentage gain or loss.
A. 30% gain
B. 25% gain
C. 30% loss
D. 25% loss


8. What is the answer when 24346 is divided by 426?
A. 236
B. 356
C. 526
D. 556


9. If 29 x (3Y)9 = 35 x (3Y)5, find the value of Y.
A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1


10. The sum of two numbers is twice their difference. If the difference of the numbers is P, find the larger of the two numbers
A. p/2
B. 3p/2
C. 5p/2
D. 3p


11. A binary operation * is defined by a*b = ab+a+b for any real number a and b. if the identity element is zero, find the inverse of 2 under this operation.
A. 2/3
B. 1/2
C. -1/2
D. -2/3


12. Factorize completely X2+2XY+Y2+3X+3Y-18
A. (x+y+6)(x+y-3)
B. (x-y-6)(x-y+3)
C. (x-y+6)(x-y-3)
D. (x+y-6)(x+y+3)


13. Tope bought X oranges at N5.00 each and some mangoes at N4.00 each. if she bought twice as many mangoes as oranges and spent at least N65.00 and at most N130.00, find the range of values of X.
A. 4≤X≤5
B. 5≤X≤8
C. 5≤X≤10
D. 8≤X≤10


14. Three consecutive positive integers k, l and m are such that l2 = 3(k+m). Find the value of m
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7


15. Express 1X3−1 in partial fractions
A. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x-2/x2-x+1)}
B. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x+2/x2+x+1)}
C. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x-2/x2+x+1)}
D. 1/3{(1/x-1)-(x-2/x2-x-1)}



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