When Is WAEC Registration 2023 Closing Date (Deadline)

When is waec registration closing for the 2023 wassce exams.

The West Africa Examination Council has started registration for the 2023 waec examination.

So if you are here to know the deadline for the registration, you are at the right place.

Aspiring waec candidates are suppose to know the registration deadline.

waec GCE check result

If you don’t have any idea of the form closing date, then you should read this.

I know you only want to know the registration closing date, so I will make this article as brief as possible.

When Is Waec Registration Closing For 2023/2024 Candidates


As for now we don’t know the closing date for wassce registration because it has not been released.

But keep it in mind that we are going to update this post when it is finally out.

Just bookmark this post and keep checking this site.

Benefits Of Early Registration

The only advantage of early waec registration is that don’t lose the chance of registering.

For example, you may not know the registration deadline for waec 2023 , but if you register very early, you won’t lose the chance of registering for the exam.

Some people said that if you register very early for waec 2023 exams, your registration number will sit at the front in the exam hall.

But I still don’t see any benefits of sitting in the front in the exam hall, though some people like sitting there during exams.

As I said before make sure you register as early as possible.

Is there Form For Late Registration

There is absolutely nothing like late registration in waec.

If it was gce, it is possible because the exams are in series.

In waec gce, there is first series and second series.

But in waec for school candidates, there is nothing of this form. Once the form close, there’s nothing you can do.


This post has showed you the closing date for the waec 2023 registration (may/june exam).

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    1. Kisseih Rosemond

      Please I want to receive a notification to when the wassce 2021 will start and end us well

    1. Kisseih Rosemond

      Please I want to receive a notification to when the wassce 2021 will start and end us well

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