Economic and financial crimes commission recruitment portal 2024/2025

Economic and financial crimes commission recruitment form portal  | apply here – steps on how to apply

For some people working with the economic and financial crimes commission is a risky job while to others securing a job with the commission is all they crave for.

No matter the divide you belong we are here to enlighten those who will like to take up job positions that will be coming up at

EFCC recruitment criteria has changed over time and here are some highlights: if you are applying for detective inspectors you should be at least 25 years of age and must have an NCE qualification.

If you are applying detective superintendent you must have a first degree and must be at least 27 years of age.

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Efcc recruitment portal


Efcc recruitment form 2019/2020

what will it take me to secure an employment with the economic and financial crimes commission? which is one of the most powerful investigative unit in the country that deals with all crimes that involves fraud and money laundering in Nigeria?

Before we show you the requirements and level of credentials that must be in your possession let’s tell you some important details about about this 2021 recruitment.


First we want you to know that EFFCC recruitment don’t involve money, it is free of charge. We won’t demand money from you for the information we provide here is for educational purposes only,we won’t be held responsible for any misconduct on your part.


We have it on good authority that the EFCC recruitment will be conducted just moment after the generation elections, in fact not only in the EFCC other federal ministries will carry out masive recruitment exercise so get ready.

The  EFCC recruitment will surely come in stages, the first stage will be held in all states/region of the Federation, successfully applicant will be notified about their status and subsequently invited to the screening venue which might be in Abuja.

We want you to also note that the commission reserves the right to carry out background investigation about you and your family members, this is due to the fact that the job is very sensitive.

Watch video where Efcc boss speaks on recruitment

Here is a YouTube video where the EFCC boss was speaking based on a possible recruitment exercise

Retrieved : 2017

See Available job positions in EFFCC recruitment 2024/2025

Various job positions normally comes up both for graduate and non graduate. The jobs are not only reserved for graduate, it is evenly distributed.

  • Graduates Cadre: this is the job that will be made available for graduate, this position commands power and authority in fact they are the decision and policy making body of efcc
  • Diploma Cadre: this position also command some level of authority but they take orders from Graduates Cadre
  • S.S.C.E Cardre: this are the lower job positions reserve for those who will be responsible for seeing the policies of the organization are executed.

EFCC recruitment  requirements for graduate and non graduate trainees

  1. Health : are you suffering from any form of deformity? Be it flat too, chronic disease etc if yes this will prevent you from scaling through the zonal screening exercise.
  2. Physical appearance : your height should be up to 1.60m before you can apply , those that have tattoos will be disqualified.
  3. Age :you should not be more than 25 years of age if you are applying with OND/NCE qualification while those of SSCE should not be more than 22 years of age
  • Marital status : married men and women are not allowed to apply, you must be single.
  • You must show prove that you are from a particular local government from the state you are applying from.

How to Apply for ( EFCC) Economic and Financial Crimes Commission recruitment Job offers  Form?

  • Although the last recruitment carried out by the commission, the application was done manually, the  Recruitment application shall be done online.
  • Applicant will have to create an account on the commission recruitment portal before they will be able to view or get access to the recruitment form.
  • Finally never you apply twice and always use a valid email address and phone number while applying.

Hope you guys remember that we said that the EFFCC recruitment form is not yet out? Please don’t be mislead by fake news elsewhere so as not to fall into the hands of fraudsters, on our part we will never ask you to pay money for anything.

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