Expository Essay Writing Made Easy

Expository essays come out as questions in waec, neco, gce and nabteb exams.

But not all students know the basics and how to write it.

I have compiled the basic things that you need to know about expository essays.

These are the points that examiners need from students.

Basic Things You Should Know About Expository Essay Writing


1. Content : It is important to completely observe the topic before writing. All necessary details to help clarify must be completely included.

2. Organization : There must be on accurate and orderly presentation of the body of the information given. Organize your work carefully by using a step by step method.

Concentrate on one main point at a time. Illustrations and examples can also be used in the expository essay.

3. Expression : Precision and clarity are important; you should tell your readers exactly what you are going to discuss.

Figures of speech and idioms should not be used in the essay. Use only simple and correct words when writing your expository essay.

You should use the active voice rather than the passive voice in order to make the sentence more forcefully.

Sentence structure should mostly be short but not all. You should make use of present tense in your essay.

An expository essay combines narration, argument, description and explanation but the primary intention is to ‘inform’ the reader.

An example of an expository essay is an essay giving directions or procedures to to do something. ‘how my favourite dish is prepared is a very good example of an expository essay.

Important Tips For Writing Expository Essays

1. Use expressions that indicate directions for instance ‘turn right’, ‘go straight on’, ‘take the next turn’, etcetera..

2. Make use of clear and important slant mark along the route – streets, trees, buildings, structures, telegram poles, etcetera..

3. A very brief but accurate description of the destination should be given near the end of the essay to make for easy recognition by the reader. For example; types of buildings, colours and architectural features.

Am sure that with these tips, you can easily write a very good expository essay.

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