How to Apply For NG CARES Stimulus Programme 2023/2024 grant 750m

How to Apply For NG CARES Stimulus Programme  grant 750m

The Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus Programme (NG-CARES) was set up by the government for the good and betterment of the Nigerian people. This idea was initiated due to the pandemic which brought pain and misery to the poor masses.

During that period, most people were unable to cater to their basic needs, they went short of resources and supplies as a result of the quarantine. Therefore, the Nigerian government used this (NG-CARES) as a perfect scheme to tackle such a problem.Ng care

The government was in collaboration with the world bank which financed the entire project. They scooped out a huge amount of money to see that the program was a success, eradicating poverty in the lives of the people.

The Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus Programme’s aim is to put a stop to food scarcity, suffering and to revive small and large businesses that are on verge of crashing.

NG-CARES targets three result areas and the funds released by the world bank will be distributed in all the states in Nigeria (all 36 states). To liberate families from poverty, and restructure the rural and urban areas that are yet to be developed. This will leads to the stability of the economy, availability of resources, and the growth of the nation as a whole.

This program is also beneficial to the poor farmers in every state. The method of farming will be upgraded to mechanized farming because farming equipment will be provided for them. Moreso, startup businesses will be funded to prevent future hiccups.

Here are the 3 Result Areas (RAs) targeted by the NG-CARES program

  • RA1: Helping poor and struggling families
  • RA2: Increasing food availability in all 36 states
  • RA3: Help revive and speed up the growth of some businesses (Target businesses) like;
  • • Micro businesses with about three to nine workers. If these businesses exceed the specified number of employees, the government will not release funds to them.
  • • Small-scale businesses with ten to fifty employees. They can only access the loan having this number of workers (10 to 50).

Anyone who falls under this category in all 36 states of the nation is a strong particparticipante of the NG-CARES program and loans will be distributed to them by the enumerators.

What Is NG-Cares Grant All About?


The Nigeria COVID 19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus programs serve as a pillar for the poor masses, farmers, struggling households, those who run small businesses.

The program is specifically for people who were greatly affected by the pandemic. The financial tool is Programme for Result in all states and Federal Capital Territory, and the IPF (Investment Profect Financing) is meant for the Federal level.

The NG-CARES Grant is a program designed to assist and put an end to the socio-economic crises. This will serve as a motivation to people who almost gave up on their dreams and aspirations because of how bad they were affected by the pandemic.

What Are The Fund Available For Beneficiaries Of NG-Cares?

The NG-CARES program is a huge project and to keep it going, a lot of money was invested into it so it impacts every life positively.

The government in collaboration with the world bank raised the sum of 300 billion nairas (750 million Dollars) to be shared with all states in Nigeria for the effectiveness of the program.

With the amount of money released, everyone will benefit largely from this scheme. It is enough to secure the future of all youth and children and provide a better life for the aged people in different communities.

The government empowerment program will go on for three years, from the year 2021 to 2023 as approved by the world bank. Some funds will be allocated to all 36 states, which is about Twenty Million Dollars ($20 Million). While Fifteen Million Dollars ($15 Million)

goes to the Federal Capital, Abuja, and this will be executed in 2 years, according to the plan. If the people placed in charge of loan distribution follow through with the plan, half the population of Nigeria will be empowered.

Requirements For Getting The Funds

For anyone to be a part of this amazing program (NG-CARES), they must present some important documents to their community leaders or chairpersons. There see certain requirements that should be met before gaining access to your loan. Below are some of the documents needed;

  • One must provide identification proof such as National Identification Number (NIN), a voter’s card, or a driver’s license.
  • One must present a residential proof such as Nepa or Utility bill, Voters Card, or a Residence Identification Card if you have any (Optional).
  • You must provide a document that has your actual age like NIN, Birth certificate, Voter’s Card, or Driver’s License.
  • You must present any proof of bank verification of medium-small enterprises. This is to show if your business has been registered.
  • You must present before the enumerators a Bank Verification Number (BVN) printout slip that has the signature or stamp of the bank.
  • For you to get a loan, you must be experiencing financial difficulties, as this is proof that you are qualified for the loan.
  • You need to have a business whether small or medium set up to access funds.

How Do I Apply For NG-Cares Loans?

Applying for the NG Cares program is an easy process. To start the process, eligible applicants should register online via the NG Cares portal link.

Applicants can only get verified after the online registration. If you have successfully registered on the portal, a message of loan approval will be sent via email or direct text. After confirming the message, the next is payment, a date of disbursement will be given to you.

  1. Abia State > Click here
  2. Adamawa State (Yola) > Click Here
  3. Akwa Ibom State (Uyo) > Click Here
  4. Anambra State (Awka) > Click Here
  5. Bauchi State (Bauchi) > Click Here
  6. Bayelsa State (Yenagoa)> Click here
  7. Benue State (Makurdi)> Click Here
  8. Borno State (Maiduguri)> Click Here
  9. Cross River State (Calabar)> Click Here
  10. Delta State (Asaba)> Click Here
  11. Ebonyi State (Abakaliki)> Click Here
  12. Edo State (Benin City)> Click Here
  13. Ekiti State (Ado Ekiti)> Click Here
  14. Enugu State (Enugu)> Click Here
  15. Gombe State (Gombe)> Click Here
  16. Imo State (Owerri)> Click Here
  17. Jigawa State (Dutse)> Click Here
  18. Kaduna State (Kaduna)> Click Here
  19. Kano State (Kano)> Click Here
  20. Katsina State (Katsina)> Click Here
  21. Kebbi State (Birnin Kebbi)> Click Here
  22. Kogi State (Lokoja)> Click Here
  23. Kwara State (Ilorin)> Click Here
  24. Lagos State (Ikeja)> Click Here
  25. Nasarawa State (Lafia)> Click Here
  26. Niger State (Minna)> Click Here
  27. Ogun State (Abeokuta)> Click Here
  28. Ondo State (Akure)> Click Here
  29. Osun State (Oshogbo)> Click Here
  30. Oyo State (Ibadan)> Click Here
  31. Plateau State (Jos)> Click Here
  32. Rivers State (Port Harcourt)> Click Here
  33. Sokoto State (Sokoto)> Click Here
  34. Taraba State (Jalingo)> Click Here
  35. Yobe State (Damaturu)> Click Here
  36. Zamfara State (Gusau)> Click Here

Furthermore, there is another way for you to apply for NG-CARES Programme without going through the online process. You can meet the chairperson in your community to get an application form (they are in charge of registration).

Here is a list of people in the community that issues forms to applicants;

  • NG CARES Agents
  • Community Chairman
  • Youth President in the Community
  • Women Leaders in the Community

These persons will guide you throughout your registration and ensure that you partake in the loan scheme as long as you are eligible.

What Is NG-Cares Enumeration All About

NG- Cares enumerators supervise fund allocation in every state. They ensure that all qualified candidate benefits from the program. All vital information or documents like your Bank Verification Number should only be released to the enumerators in your area.


The pandemic brought so much suffering to people and has affected the economy, which has led to scarcity. However, the Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus Programme (NG CARES) government initiative’s purpose is to eradicate poverty in the country, empower the youths, and improve agricultural sectors.

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