how to migrate to Glo OGA / sim package (glo yakata to OGA SIM)

how to migrate to Glo OGA /how to migrate to Glo OGA sim package (glo yakata to OGA SIM) Glo OGA code

how to migrate to glo oga, how to migrate from glo yakata to oga sim? This are the hot questions most Glo subscribers are asking. They actually wants to enjoy the benefits and bonus attach to Glo OGA SIM. in this article you shall learn everything about Glo OGA SIM.

Glo oga sim

What is Oga SIM?


Oga SIM is a newly introduced sim that offers you lots of bonuses each time you load an airtime to buy data. With Oga SIM you stand the chance of getting 125% of the actual data you bought.

Remember in the previous data bonuses you only get just 23% but the grandmaster of data thought it wise to still make new subscribers feel welcome by giving them a whooping 125% data bonus.

How does Oga SIM works.

like we just said, OGA SIM works by adding an extra 125% bonus on your actual data each time you subscribe or auto renew your subscription.

In a simple language if you happen to subscribe for the 2GB data plan that cost you just 1000 with Oga SIM you are going to get this 2GB and also get another 125% bonus which sums everything up to 4GB.

If you are not okay with that or you consume more than 4GB in a month you only have to subscribe to a higher plan of about 2500 naira plan, here you will get your usual 7.2 GB and also another 7.2GB which sums everything up to 14.4GB all in one month.

How Do I Subscribe For Glo Oga Sim Offer right now?

This offer does not apply to all data subscribers actually Glo wants to increase their subscriber base that is why they are offering this mouthwatering offer to new subscribers.

If you can just get a new Glo SIM then you will start enjoying this promo like no other, just walk up to any partnering store and ask them to give you Glo OGA SIM, register it and start flexing.

For existing subscribers sadly this data bundle does not apply to you yet we hope that Glo will bring up a migrating code that will allow subscribers to migrate to Glo OGA SIM.

another way you can benefit from this offer is only if you have not subscribed on your old sim for a period of 3 months.

So if you have not subscribed or you have an old sim that has been dormant for 3 months, why not dust it up, insert it and continue flexing.

how to migrate to Glo OGA / Glo yakata to OGA SIM :

Those who are asking how to migrate to glo oga sim or how to migrate from glo yakata to oga sim should know that there is no migration code for Glo OGA SIM.

all you need to do is to get a new Sim or simply make use of your old sim that has not been subscribed on for the past 3 months.

how to migrate to glo oga, how to migrate from glo yakata to oga sim

How do I subscribe to GloOgaSIM?
There is no special way to subscribe to Glo OGA SIM, it’s just the regular pattern of subscribing.

  • First you have to dial *777#
  • Select 1: But data
  • Select 1: Buy 3G or 4G data (for those who are subscribing for regular Android data).

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  2. Your article goes straight to the point. I have tried to search the internet for this same info but not satisfied with what I met until I read yours. This doesn’t apply to existing customers except you haven’t used or load the SIM card for 3 months. It’s like that was what happened to me, I enjoyed it for a while but it’s gone. They only give me few hundred mb as bonus. Maybe I will buy a new SIM card
    Thanks so much

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