jamb 2023/2024 Government ( Runz, runs) free Questions and answers

jamb 2023/2024 Government only expo that works ( Runz, runs) free Questions and answers 2023/2024

The JAMB exam board is the only body vested the a sole power to conduct entrance exams for all tertiary institution in Nigeria.

Jamb government 2019/2020

1. In a democracy setting authority, sovereign
is exercised by which of the following:

A. executive
B. people
C. electorate
D. legislature.

2. the state carry out political socialization through which of These agent

A. family
B. school
C. pressure group
D. peer group

3.Which of these system of government practice Unicameral legislature :

A. parliamentarism
B. presidentialism
C. federalism
D. unitarism

4.Independence of the judiciary is important because it ensures the judiciary the power to
A. determine a fixed term of office for the judges
B. dismiss any judge who has breached the judicial code of conduct
C. enables the judge to try and decide cases without bias
D. determines a fixed salary for judges.

5. Power is concentrated at the centre in a unitary system of government :

A. with devolution
B. without devolution
C. without residual functions
D. with residual functions

6. the constituency that a member of legislature represents in a confederation, is a:

A. parliamentary constituency
B. senatorial district
C. region
D. nation-state

7. to remove the head of state In a constitutional monarchy, the authority is exercised by which of the following:
A. cabinet
B. head of government
C. legislature
D. prime minister

8. a vote of no confidence In a parliamentary system of government will leads to the resignation of which of the following :
A. the entire cabinet
B. an individual minister
C. the entire parliament
D. the prime minister

9. In a presidential system of government, the president checks the legislature through
A. executive review
B. executive order
C. exercise of power
D. legislative order

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Now that you have registered for jamb exams or you are still contemplating on registering for the exam, probably you choose Government as one of your four subjects it’s important and it’s time for you to carefully go all through what we have written down here.

We are going to give you a step by step guide on how to answer jamb government questions very quickly with in a given period of time.

We understand that the 2022/2023 jamb exams is just round the corner and probably you are yet to cover the voluminous syllabus for Government. And each time your sets your eyes on the syllabus you feel like crying or collapsing.

Let’s show you some interesting guide on how to read and prepare for the forthcoming 2022/2023┬ájamb government

how to read and pass JAMB exams in less than 2 weeks

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