How To Prepare And Pass 2023/2024 Jamb In Less Than Two Weeks

How To Prepare And Pass 2023/2024 Jamb In Less Than Two Weeks|pass jamb excellently with out cheating

Most jamb candidates find them self in a hot situation that made them have little or no time at all for their studies, despite the fact that they still have a lot to cover and a lot of topics to read.

While at the same time the exam is fast approaching and you can’t afford to fail the 2023/2024 jamb exam. God forbid failing jamb means staying at home idle for another one year…

Jamb how to pass jamb

There is a popular saying that says he who does not plan to succeed has indirectly plan to fail.

That you did not start early enough to start reading and preparing for jamb exams is not the big issue here, the big problem is about not reading at all before going into the exam hall to sit for the exam.

Now that you just discovered that the exam is just few weeks to come, don’t just conclude yet that you are going to fail or let me just go in and answer present.

Last hours preparation matters a lot and it could be that the little you read is even what jamb will set.

In this article we want to give you a simple tricks that works wonder, it’s just a guide on how to cover a large percentage of your syllabus even if your jamb exams is just a week coming.

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Steps To Prepare And Pass Jamb In Two Weeks


Create a workable timetable :

Now that you have gotten clues that time is not on your side now, you have to quickly create a time table for your self.

Stick to this timetable because your success to pass jamb excellently in this 2023/2024 jamb exams largely depend on it.

Put away every other thing aside :

some of us have a side hustle we use to keep body and soul together. Whether you like it or not this side hustle or stuff we engage our time with steals time for studies from us.

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Now that you are aware that jamb is at hand you can ask for permission from your place of work, if necessary put it in writing and address it to the management stating your reason why they must give you a break.

Turn your night hour into reading period :

You don’t have to sleep all through the night no serious student does that. The night hours provide a calm moment that is suitable for reading.
If you can allocate like 5 hours of your time at night strictly for reading then i bet you, you will be 95% ready for jamb in less than 2 weeks.

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Identify the key points and study them carefully :

because of the urgency of the the exam at hand and time not being your friend now, you need to read with target. Your ability to identify main key points in a topic and digest it very well will determine your success.
Get a little jotter and bring out the most important point out.

Don’t joke with dates of event, like in Government they might ask you a date an event took place. In chemistry, biology and physics they might ask you to identify the date a discovery was made.

Take note of all the formulas, laws governing them because once you forget a particular formula you get lost in the whole stuff.

When it comes to the use of English Language, literature in English identify the writers main points, identify the characters that appear in the novel.

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Forget about social media :

Concentrating your whole strength and focus on your studies in this few weeks can be life changing on the other hand allowing social media such as whatapps, Facebook, Twitter, games and TV program come between you and your studies will be devastating and you will only see the effect just after the exam.

Don’t forget past questions :

Never you joke with past questions. Jamb past questions will be helpful to you this time around.

In the number one point we made mention of identifying key points. If you really want to identify key points easily then the right tool to use here is your past questions. Identify those questions that jamb normally ask all the time. Jot all of them down and familiarize your self with them.

Embrace the power of search engines :

Search engines like Google will be helpful to you at this point that you want to pass jamb excellently in less than few weeks to jamb. There are some time you find it impossible to understand some topics don’t stress your self just type the word in Google to get a better explanation of what you are searching for..

What’s your view about all we have written above?

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  1. Thanks for the advice. I love you for that. But one thing you forgot to write is being prayerful. It helps too. I hope I pass my upcoming utme.

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