What jamb sets 2021/2022 : 50 hot most expected chemistry likely Questions in jamb (topics)

What jamb sets 2021/2022 : 50 hot chemistry likely Questions in jamb 

In our last article we talk about how to study jamb past questions and answers for chemistry  jamb.
what jamb will set in chemistry
In this article we shall discuss what jamb will sets in 2021/2022 chemistry, frequently set questions in most chemistry questions.

So today am going to list some notable keypoint all jamb candidates who are to take chemistry exams in the forth coming 2020/2021 jamb will have to note.

50 Notes And Key Points In Jamb 2021/2022 Chemistry

Francium: this chemicals element has an Atomic number of 87 and a symbol of French and it life span is just 22 minutes. . When going through jamb questions and answers I have seen this question pop up repeated times

DIAMOND: this is recognized as one of the most hardest substance/ carbon. I will like you to go through your text books and perhaps study everything about diamond

Hydrogenation: this word simply means to treat with hydrogen. Hydrogenation is usually use to deplete most organic compound.
Please note that when you Hydrogenate Alkynes you will get Alkanes

Do you know that the law of Definite Proportion and Constant Composition are the same? Should in case you don’t know please read this law and how they relate together.

Atomic number: I will advise you to study the periodic table carefully, if possible cram it because i have seen hundreds of questions that centered much on this area.

Electrons :study everything that has to do with electrons. Remember that electrons revolves around the atom.

Cantenation: try to understand what the term Cantenation is, note where they mostly occur.

Identify those elements that combine with carbon to form compound. I will list some here, please it’s your responsibility to read deeper in this areas.

  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Chlorine
  • Nitrogen
  • Bromine
  • Phosphorus

TRY to understand why Pure substances have boiling and melting point

What jamb usually set in 2021/2022 chemistry

Jamb exam board are also known to ask questions on radioactive material. But example of radioactive material are:

  • Uranium,
  • Thorium
  • Polonium.

Viscosity: this means internal friction in fluid

When you Dissolves Calcium in water you get CaO.

Read more about the invention of Cathode ray tube whose idea was what gave birth to what we know as television.

Oxy-acetylene flame is mostly used in welding or joining two metals

Find out more information about R.A Millikan he stated that charge of an electron to be –1.60×10-19C (I have seen this question like 15 times in past jamb chemistry questions)

What jamb might sets in 2020/2021 chemistry

Note the form in which Aliphatic Hydrocarbons can exist.. Let me help you here they are:

  • Cyclic,
  • Acyclic
  • or Alicyclic.

Dmitri T. Mendeleev:study how he contributed to the development of the periodic table

CONGENERS: please understand what this term means and examples ( element in the same group)

They might ask you “what is the lightest gas?” Just have it in mind that it is Free Hydrogen (H2)

Understand the concept on how water boil (saturated vapor presure = atmospheric pressure)

List factors affecting the boiling point ( study this point very well) let me help you to list them

  • volatility,
  • polarity
  • impurity.

Always understand that nuclear energy comes from nuclear fusion

What jamb sets in 2020/2021 chemistry

And also understand that the sun energy is as a result of nuclear fusion

Another name for transmutation is still the same as Radioactivity

Understand that Florin is one of the most reactive non metal

Always have it in mind that nucleus is positive

Study about natural and artificial radioactive.

Do you know that zero is the lowest oxidation state of Iron? Please have this at the back of your mind

Read about the history of radioactive and who suggested the name (Marie Curie) and who discovered it (Antoine Becquerel)

Please understand that Quantum Numbers don’t point to atoms but ELECTRONS… (jamb uses this question to confuse candidates)

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Also look for updated jamb syllabus and read along with your text books.

how to retrieve lost jamb profile code

how to login to your Jamb profile

how to create a jamb profile code

Please note that expo won’t help you in 2020/2021 jamb, Jamb has blocked all sources, do its time we all have to study hard using all tips I have laid out
Do you have any question to ask concerning jamb chemistry questions? If yes then use the comment box to ask your questions

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