How To Fix The Issue Of Invalid Pin When Checking Jamb Results 2023/2024

How To Fix The Issue Of Invalid Pin When Checking Jamb Results 2023/2024

As jamb continues to release the  JAMB UTME results, report are coming in that most candidates are finding it difficult to check their results online, while most are having  the error of invalid pin when logging in to my Jamb profile.
Jamb result not found

We also go report that some are experiencing invalid username and password if you are among those candidates who are having this issue right now then this post will be helpful to you.

Don’t worry after reading this guide you will be able to check Your results without encountering any problem ” like subquery returned more than 1 value”, so just read this guide from A-Z.

Causes of Invalid Username Or Password When Checking 2023/2024 Jamb Result


first we are going to look at the causes, because we believe once we have been able to identify the main culprit, that is when we can now proffer solution.

So what’s the main causes of Fix The Issue Of Invalid Pin? the following are the main causes :

  1. You didn’t enter your correct email used in your Jamb profile:the email you used in jamb registration is the same email you are going to use login to your profile or do anything you want to do which involves checking your Jamb results. So check if you are missing or entering a wrong email.
  2. You left a space after entering your email: check properly and ensure that there are no space left after entering your email.
  3. You entered the wrong password: cross check your email address and see if you are entering the wrong one, password are sensitive, if you make any mistakes then it’s will assume that you are not yet registered on their database. click here to read more about jamb profile password
  4. If your password are small letters adding any capital letter will disrupt the whole thing.

How To Solve The Issues Of Invalid Pin When Checking Your Jamb Result 2023/2024

  • make sure your password are correct.
  • Avoid anything space alongside your email address
  • double check your password and entered them exactly.
  • clear your browser history and cache or simply make use of another browser or device.

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where you able to resolve this issue with our recommendation here? if yes congratulations but if no don’t feel frustrated just let us know let’s see how we can put hands together to resolve them.

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