How To Know Your Password Or Login To Jamb 2023/2024 Profile

How To Know Your Password Or Login To Jamb 2023/2024 Profile

ever since jamb introduced an SMS option for the creation of jamb profile, candidates have been complaining of so many problems.

jamb profile

one of the recent problems on board now is the inability of candidates to decipher their password and email. you start hearing candidates saying :

what is my Jamb 2023 profile password?how do I login to my Jamb profile
Dont worry if you are among those asking same questions above,just read this guide from A-Z then i promise you won’t regret it.

We discovered that jamb made their system to register candidates names once they send it via 55019 using their mobile phones.
to access this details sent to jamb portal via 55019, you need two details which are :

  • email address
  • password

now what is the password and email address since while sending that SMS they never asked you or was there any option which requires you to chose a password or enter a preferred email address.

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I believe by now you have successfully completed your Jamb registration? if yes good let’s move on.
While in the registration centers you where given a bio data where all your information was written on by you. if you could remember, you where asked to put down your email address and in some cases you where asked to chose a strong password.

Note : some centers do chose password for candidates, in such a case you have to meet them for your password.

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Now that email address and password are all you need to access your profile on Jamb portal.

How To Restore Forgotten Password


maybe you went to the center where you registered your Jamb and they could not account for the password they used for you, don’t worry as you can always reset it back since you still have access to the email if not click here

How To Login To Your Jamb Profile

I have written an interesting guide on how to login to your Jamb profile now, just click here and read all the guidelines.

Things You Can Do With Your Jamb profile

jamb profile can be use for various purposes, some candidates think that after jamb they can now dispose their profile details. after reading this article titled 7 things you can do with your jamb profile believe me you will have a rethink.

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