Do You Think Jamb Will Repeat Past Questions For Jamb 2022/2023?

Do You Think Jamb Will Repeat Past Questions For Jamb 2022/2023?

In almost all my jamb post, I have been listing major important attached in studying with jamb past questions, in fact the importance of jamb past questions can not be overemphasized.
jamb repeat past questions
In my last article titled how to score 300+ with just jamb questions, a student contacted me and asked Do You Think Jamb Will Repeat Past Questions For Jamb 2022/2023?

well i gave the candidate that asked me that question just one response which is YES jamb will repeat past questions, it has been a trend over some years now and it will continue like that.

If you want to do well in the forth coming exams then the short cut is through the wonder of past questions

You might ask how can i study with jamb past questions, well i have written an article that will guide you on how you can study effectively with jamb past questions and still get positive results.

Jamb Will Repeat Past Questions  :

jamb are tired of making research and setting new questions for now, it’s like they have ran out of new questions that is why they now heavily rely on bringing up new questions.

what’s the way forward :
the way forward now is to get as many past questions as you can and start studying, please do not rely on the questions at the back of the questions as many of them are not correct. that is why i have advised candidates to read along with their text books.

Note: JAMB past questions should not substitute your text books but should be an additional guide/ resource.

If you refuse to study your text books first before jumping over to jamb past questions, you won’t know the right answers to most questions.

Conclusion: since you now know that past questions can actually be repeated it’s time to get as many as you can, don’t go and read just last year questions, get all previous jamb questions from 1988 to 2015 is okay.

If you can lay your hands on those of 2016 to 2017 which i know will be scarce in the market then better.

Dont forget to share your experience with previous jamb exams as this will help others, please share this article for me

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  1. Obviously there will be different questions for different batch or date of exam….Which one would be use as past question the next year.. Is it the first set of jamb question.

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