5 ways on How To Study Past Questions And Understand 2023/2024

How To Study Past Questions And Understand Them Very Well 

since jamb past questions and answers is now the only way out in jamb exams, it’s important we put down this article to guide candidates on how they can read and understand past questions and answers perfectly.
Jamb past questions and answers to score 300+

We recently got a question from a candidate “sir how do I read Jamb past questions and understand?”

I find this question very important, in in fact this question made me to write an an article on how you can score 300+ in jamb with jamb questions and answer. should in case you have not read that article, i implore you to carefully go through it because some important points where outlined there.

Now let’s go back to our main question for today on how you can study past questions and understand it perfectly

How To Read And Understand Past Questions Very Well

Get the updated jamb syllabus : you can’t read aimlessly, Jamb syllabus gives you guide on where to read. although they may appear too voluminous but it worth giving it a trial first by jotting down those topics down.

Read Your TextBook First:
Dont just rush to the market to get past questions, the first point of call you should make is your text books. you should first of all read all topics as outlined in jamb syllabus,get your text books, go through it as this will make you to understand questions as they appear on the past questions.

Choose The Study Method: the study method that works for Mr A won’t go down well for Mr B, So chose what suits you well.. for me i will advise you study each question for a week once you through with that subject you move to another one.
for some they might want to study a topic for some hours before moving to another subject.

Understand and Solve Problems & Jot Down: as you progress in your reading, it’s best you get your jotter by your side, you should learn how to bring out keypoint at this level.
also those questions you don’t really understand, jot them out and take them to someone that understands very well to help you out.
Finally take out time to bring out all those questions that appear often from year to year.

Check Your Answers: please not that about 20-30% of answers that you see at the back of those questions paper are wrong, most of them are put together by business men so don’t take them as final.
you are expected to use your text books as the final source of answers.

More Practice and research more : you can consult your secondary school notebooks as they are still relevant and useful. but i know most jamb candidates might have done away with them but never worry.
use the Internet to study : this will be my final point, the Internet has made study very easy, there are thousands of resource materials you can download from the Internet today free of charge.

If you have any question to ask us as regard the best methods to apply or you can still share your best method let others learn from your success stories
what’s the way out.

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