NNU.ng Registration: Read This Before You Join NNU Income Program|

NNU.ng Registration: Read This Before You Join NNU Income Program|www.nnu.ng login|nnu login/my account|https nnu ng login

NNU Income gives you the opportunity to make cool cash with your mobile device from the comfort of your home.
With the platform you can start earning 50k to 100k monthly depending on how you take the platform serious.

There is no special task to perform before you walk home with your cool cash, all you have to be doing on daily basis is just to simply login to NNU portal, take few minutes of your time to read recent news updates and finally if you have the strength to comment you can comment.

In this article we are going to prove to you all that NNU is real and working. We are going to show you a step by step guide on how to easily double your earnings in a few space of time with out spending extra DATA or time.

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Do you want to know what   NNU Income Program is all about? -Nnu.ng Review /www.nnu.ng login


NNU Income is a platform that gives every eligible Nigerians the opportunity to earn cool cash online with out doing extra work.
In fact the program has help thousands Of Nigerians to be financially free. This is the main reason you need to consider the enormous benefits NNU.ng has for you.

How can i participate and How does NNU Income Program actually work?
/www.nnu.ng login

We will like everyone to pay much attention here.
The NNU platform is designed in such a way that it gives each and every participant the opportunity to earn cool money in four (4) different ways.

Let’s take little of our time to carefully explain everything to you:

  1. Here is NAP/NARS earnings plan: Do you have loyal friends that listen to you in church, mosque, school and your working place? If yes then the NAP is for you. this option is open to interested participants who want to expand the NNU network by referring new members to the system. By referring people, you will be rewarded with about 62.5% commission for every member that entered into the program through your referral link.
  2. See Active daily login earning plan: this is the most fun part of the program, here you just have to simply put on your data and browse through NNU news section, take some time and visit other category then boom you will be rewarded with 50 naira or even more of that.
  3. See Commenting and Contributing earning plan: by commenting you keep the platform more engaged as many users interact with one another about a particular topic. While commenting always abide by the rules, don’t abuse anyone, don’t fight or engage in any activity that violate the rules governing the platform and at the end of your activity you will be rewarded 2 naira.
  4. See Sharing sponsored post on Facebook earning plan: This is the lion share of them all, in fact if you engage in the previous activities with out engaging in this particular one then you will surely miss out. If you can be able to check your dashboard on daily basis, copy the links of articles they want you to share on your social media account such as Facebook, Twitter etc you stand a chance of earning 100 naira per daily post.

Please note that you don’t need to delete the shared post because an admin will still check each and every member timeline to confirm before you will be rewarded.

When should I expect my paycheck /NNU payment Date/www.nnu.ng login

At the end of the month all your earnings that legally accrued to you will be calculated, sum up and sent to you via your account number.
Payment is usually done on the 27th of every month.

What are the payment options? NNU payment options /Direct bank deposit :

this option allows you to add your bank account details to the platform, once payment has been confirmed your money will be sent you you.

Is NNU Income a fraud? How legit, how safe and reliable is NNU Income Program to millions of Nigerians out there?


NNU Income was established around July 2017, although it’s a very young platform which has consistently been paying out cash to deserving members.
Up till now we have not heard any form of criminal activity or seen history of fraud that has been committed by the management of the platform.

In case you don’t know the platform is run by one Paul Samson, who has successfully established other online payment platform such as Coolnaira.com, Eboss.ng with each of this platform having over 70,000 and 5000 active members respectively.

Who and who are eligible to participate or  join NNU Income Program?

  • NNU Income is open to every Nigerian who wish to earn a living under the platform. If you are a trader, worker, student, or an unemployed you can leverage on the benefit this platform has to offer.
  • To be successful participants you need to have a social presence, what we mean here is that you need to have an account with most of the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. If you have a large followers or friends it will be a plus for you.
  • You should also invest little of your time to know how the program works, read the terms and conditions very well .
  • You have to also invest little of your time logging in every morning and evening or at least once in a day to check out one or two things. Don’t forget to browse through post by post, read them and drop a comment.

See 7 solid reasons Why You, your friends Should Purchase NNU Income Pack right now|www.nnu.ng login

Before you can kick start the program fully you need to purchase a one time pack

  • You are entitled to make cool cash each day only if you log in and read forum articles.
  • You are also entitled to make quick money by dropping comments that are not autos generated on the comment section
  • For each forum article that you distribute on your social timeline you will be rewarded
  • If you have the ability to bring your friends, classmates, Co workers to the program you will paid 1,000 per participant.
  • To start enjoying all those benefits we mentioned above you only need to buy a registration pack valued at 1600 naira only.
  • Apart from the 1600 you won’t be subjected to make any other payments.
  • Your account can be resold if eventually you don’t need it again.

See a step by step guide on how  you and your friends can easily  Join NNU Income Program and start making cool cash– NNU Income Register/www.nnu.ng login

We are sure you love all the information we have shared so far but with out putting them into action all will be a waste of precious time.

To register for the NNU program is very easy and smooth, in fact there is no long process involved in it, you don’t even need someone to guide you as the process is very easy to comprehend.

Finally see How To Register On NNU Income Program today


To kick start your registration process you have to log on to the website and click on register now.
A form will appear, make sure you input all your details correctly to avoid any future problems.

Here is NNU payment options :


Currently the system has adopted just two payment options although we had that more payment option is on the way.
If you want to make your payments of 1600 you have to
Walk into the bank and pay the money into their account. You can as well use vogue payment online payment processor.

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