Npower Agro FMARD 2024/2025 Recruitment Validation link

Npower Agro FMARD  Recruitment Validation Registration link  portal- See Closing Date

The federal government of Nigeria is trying to make the country food sufficient as a result of the global impact of Covid-19 which has made world economy to contrast and has forced the world to face global recession.

The Nigerian government is aware of this and has tried and is trying everything within its power to sustain local food supply chain with the hope of easing the impact of Covid-19 on Nigerians.

Npower Agro FMARD Validation Registration


FMARD is utilizing N-Agro beneficiaries to enumerate data, seed and fertilizer to about 2 million farmers in Nigeria,

Are you an N-Power Agro applicant? Or already a beneficiaries of the Npower programme? If yes it’s important you quickly fill the FMARD form right away.

Are you searching for the FMARD online registration portal, or simply put are you finding it difficult accessing it so as to validate Npower Agro? We have made the process simple only if you read this article from A to Z.

Npower Agro Validation Registration Portal  is open – fmardpace

FMARD was not created today, in fact It has been in existence right from 1996. It is an abbreviation of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

This ministry has transformed over the years as it has now been positioned to take a lead role in making sure that the Federal government transformation agenda for agriculture is Actualize.

The federal government has promised to make Nigeria as a state Actualize food sufficiency and one of the leading role agency the federal government is partnering with to make this dream a reality is FMARD.

Hence Ensuring food security in livestock and fisheries, crop which is a major employer of labour in the country.

The scheme will also try to stimulate agricultural employment and services as a result in increase in farm produce which will make agriculture attractive to large number of the Nigerians,

it also aims to promote the production and supply of raw materials to Agro based industries, provide markets for the products of the industrial sector, generate foreign exchange which will increase the money generated by the country and help fund budgets and finally aid rural socio-economic development”

Which Npower Beneficiaries Can Register for FMARD Application  ?

This programme is designed to capture the data of Npower Agro Volunteers but as it stands now, other volunteers can also quee into the programme.

How to Register for the N-Agro FMARD Validation Registration

  1. N-Power Agro Beneficiaries have been asked to. Fill the form using this
  2. You are to enter your details and personal information via the online form

Closing date Npower Agro FMARD Validation Survey Form for Npower batch A&B Beneficiaries

Please immediately you received a mail from FMARD directing you to apply, don’t hesitate to do that quickly because after some time the link will expire.

Once expired it won’t be active again unless you will be sent another link again and in most cases it will take a while before they will resend another active link.

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