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This article is dedicated to all N-Power Volunteers Network beneficiaries who are trying to log into their account.

We understand that ever since the npower portal was upgraded, a lot of beneficiaries are having a difficult process logging in, to access their account.

Npower profile login

If you fall in such category then this post will enlighten you on how to resolve all your issues and also access the newly introduced portal.

The question now in the mind of most Npower beneficiaries and applicant is “how do i login to my account or profile now? “ we understand that when we human are used to a thing, bringing up an entirely different process will become a problem to us.

How to Log onto profile 2023/2024


  • Remember that you can login with any of your devices such as phone or your computer/tablets. Just make sure you are connected to the internet.
  • You will have to Log onto or
  • Input your phone number and also your password.
  • Remember that it’s only when you are able to log in before you can be able to edict your account.

Let’s show you how to edict your account with the speed of light.

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How to Update Your N-power Account/ profile

We are going to show you two methods that will help you effectively edict your Npower account.

Method 1:
This method will require you to locate your profile through the menu navigation settings.
To do that have to first access the Npower portal here , now carefully look at your screen, the left side of it :

  • App Main Navigation
  • Home
  • Prepare
  • Announcements
  • My Profile
  • Change Password
  • About NPVN
  • Get Help

You have to click on my profile, then 2 option will be display to you which are :

  1. Your personal information options
  2. And also your bank options

To edict your bank details, you have to click on edit, a list of banks will appear, select your bank, this should follow by your account number and name.
Your BVN will be updated, finally click on UPDATE ACCOUNT.

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You can’t log into my account/ profile?

There are several factors that can lock you out from your account and they are :

  1. Invalid login credentials : cross check your login credentials over again before submitting them to the database, remember that all login is handle by a database, once you supply a wrong information then it will bounce back.
  2. Wrong email address : check your email address very well, is it Gmail, Yahoo mail or any other mailing address? It could be that you missed on later in it.
  3. Wrong phone number : password is very sensitive than username or email address, you have to input it the way you entered them before. If it’s capital latter make sure you input it like that.

Important update concerning profile

  • The only legit and valid web site you should log to is
  •  or ,
  • When you finally access your details, keep everything secret, don’t expose your account to strangers.
  • Only applicants or beneficiaries who have an account prior that can be able to login or edict their profile.

Having any difficulties or problem accessing your account? Comment below lets here you out.

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