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Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) recruitment is here again for all Nigerians youth who are not financially buoyant.

You can now access the online  application  form. Remember that this scheme aims to support small businesses owned by the youth especially  farmers in Nigeria who are doing their best to feed the nation but don’t have the financial capacity to engage in commercial farming.

We have it in good authority that Loans worth over N165,700,000 has been disbursed by the presidency to over 239 beneficiaries or those selected as winners and most qualified so far.

When the NYIF scheme was first announced over 3 million Nigerians had to applied although this far exceeds the number of applicant they require at that time and the amount budget for the programme.

NYIFYou might ask who manages the disbursement of the loan! Well Nirsal is responsible, they have been assigned by the government to handle and process  the disbursement of the fund.

Due to the number of applicants that had previously applied, the Government is posed at making more batches available.

75 billion Funds has been set aside for the next batch of Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF).

Please be inform that this program’s main objective is to  invest in youth massively; with that being achieved, youth unemployment will be reduced to minimal level ,

Like we said before, this programme is not for everyone, it’s For the youth, meaning that those who aren’t youth won’t be considered when shortlisting names of successful candidates commences. So if you are applying ensure that you are 18 to 35 years of age.

NYIF next Batch



For those who have been asking when the NYIF APPLICATION for second batch will open, should note that the portal opens soon for next Batch.

All those who has been approved from previous batch  will be contacted and they are advised to check their mail box from time to time for an invitation mail.

NYIF Application Procedures  

NYIF Application Portal remains nyif.nmfb.com.ng, here you are expected to sign up for the loan as soon as you have interest in securing funding for your business and ensuring that staff are well paid as at when due and they are not disengaged.

Any Nigeria Youth that applied and is considered qualified by the selection Team to the final selection process will  get access of funding to the tune of  N250,000 to N5,000,000. We advise you to waste no time and register to get access to this loan.

As you go about applying at nyif.nfmb.com.ng, please be patient with the system. You know, when large number of people are trying to access a portal, the server is bound to be slow.

When you are done submitting your online application, you have to lookout for an SMS and mail  that is usually sent in Batches.


Requirements for NYIF Application Form

  • You require your BVN Number

  • Your full Names is required

  • Your Business information is required

  • The age bracket for this year application is 18-35 years

  • NYIF application is for both genders (male and female applicants).

  • Who is Eligible for NYIF Registration Funds?

  • You must be between the age of 18 to 35 years and also a Nigerian citizen.

  • You should hold an Approved FMYSD EDIs Training Certificate

  • You also need to own an existing business that’s its thriving.

  • And your business should have a comprehensive business plan

  • Your business should have all approved registration with relevant bodies like CAC.

  • Your business should have a TIN.

See those who are not considered eligible for NYIF Registration :

  1. Those that have previously in time past profited from NMFB grants or any Government intervention loans.

  2. Beneficiaries that have benefited from other various government schemes are not allowed to apply for NYIF.

  3. Those with no approved identity card, local Government certificate, etc.Those not free from any criminal case.

Those not free from any criminal case.


How is NYIF Application Done?

Note that Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) recruitment is free, this means you should just log on to the site and register.

  • Here is the application link:
  • Click on the Web page here

  • https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/Applicants/New

  • Note: Copy and paste this url on your desired browser to login into your profile account

  • https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/Applicants/New

  • Please accurately follow the recommended steps. In case of any problem, don’t forget to use the comment box to get to us.

  • Next, you have to

  • Choose the center nearer to you.

  • Specify how you came across these loans.

  • You will be required in the form to fill in your Middle Name, Last name, and BVN

  • Now finally accept the terms of this application.

  • After which you can submit your application if you have approved all information to be correct.

  • Nyif.nmfb.com.ng

List of Successful Candidates for the  Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) list of shortlisted candidates has been concluded and names are being sorted out in different batches

Those who are successful are being notified. If you haven’t been notified just remain patient and keep reading our update, checking your inbox on your email because we are certain that the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) team will shortly notify you.

You can get more fact from their twitter handle @twitter.com/YouthInvestment


What is NYIF?

The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund is a newly empowerment scheme put in place to assist the youth in what they are doing to contribute to nation building.


Is NYIF for Individuals or Registered Companies?


NYIF Application is open to businesses owned by the youth. The business or company could be registered which is best but we believe those not registered could still access the loan.


How many times can I register for NYIF?

You can keep applying untill you are selected as a successful winner but remember that when the portal is open you can apply just once in each batch.


How are NYIF participants trained?

WhatsApp groups and other social media pages are some of the channels through which participants will be trained.


Is Nigeria Youth Investment Fund legit?Is NYIF real or fake?

We found out that this is the  question on Nigerians mind mostly those who just heard about this scheme for the first time.

You might have occasionally received scam emails on free loans, certainly an average person that makes use of Internet and emails do receive scams offer however,

the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund is real, it is not fake.

the Federal Government, the central bank of Nigeria, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, can not deceive Nigerians with scam offers.

Before the scheme was set up they had seek approval from the Senate for fund to run the programme.


Is Nigeria Youth Investment Fund a loan?

Yes, Nigeria Youth Investment Fund is a loan and not a free money. Its meant to be paid back to the lenders. NYIF is a loan aim at boosting the economy through empowerment of youth financially so as to keep their business running.


How do I log into the NYIF portal?

If you are already registered on the NYIF portal , click on the link below to log into your profile.


You will be required to enter your details such as username and password

First time users will need to sign up for an account.


What is the website for NYIF?

Here is the Web address for new applicant “https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/Applicants/New


Is NYIF a loan or grant?

NYIF is not a grant rather a loan that comes with an interest rate @ 5%. So be ready to pay back the loan to the lender.


How can I access the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund?

To access the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund , first you must be eligible. Go through the eligibility criteria and read through what is required.

If you are eligible you can now sign up for the program , wait for your loan request to be process, if your loan request is granted then you will be contacted by SMS or email,

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