Nigerian Army 84rri portal| 2024/2025
Nigerian Army 84rri portal| See  recruitment (Update Here news today)

The Nigerian army recruitment  is here again!!! Do you know that the Nigerian army recruitment is one of the largest recruitment exercise that is being conducted in Nigeria on yearly basis?
Nigerian army recruitment form 2019/2020

Nigerian army recruitment form 2019/2020

In fact thousands of applicants turn up for this exercise but only a few hundred are picked for the compulsory 6 months training exercise that comes up at Zaira, kaduna state, North Central, Nigeria.

See:Nigerian army recruitment list of shortlisted candidates


Video of Nigerian army training – recruitment 2024/2025


Like we said all those who passed the necessary test and screening you will be sent to the Nigerian army deport for a 6 months training. Watch the video below.

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Continuation: Although the Nigerian army recruitment application form remains free and transparent in all round yet most Nigerians still find it very difficult to pass through the Nigerian army screening stage. If you can follow all our guide then you will discover that entering the Nigerian army is not as hard as other people make it to look like
See:Nigerian army recruitment list of shortlisted candidates

In this article we are going to give out free tips that will help your application form go through which is the objective and desire of most Nigerians.

What is is
is the official portal that the Nigerian army has created solely for the purpose of recruiting young and able Nigerians into the Nigerian, while was the portal used last year.

This means that for your application to be well received you must submit through, once submitted it will be processed while your status will be made known to your after few weeks or month.

While on the other hand 83rri simply means 82 recruitment intake, so anytime you see something like that it’s not something special, its just the year the recruitment process is taking place. All those who will eventually get enlisted into the army this year will answer 88 intake.

Steps On How to Apply for  Nigerian Army online registration form on Nigerian Army 84rri portal ?

Before we show you the step to register we will like you to note that registration is free of charge and all application must pass through the Nigerian army recruitment portal which is

Things to note while applying :

  • Application is free of charge
  • You must have an email address that can easily receive and send mails
  • If your dad is not from Nigeria please don’t apply.
  • Never you supply false information while filling the form.

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  1. Omotosho jamiu omotayo

    Please I need information about Nigeria army because I want to apply anytime there form out, please help me because am eager

  2. You have to be security by your self because as soon our military guys can not able to save us due to a lot of terrorist in our country bandit kippnaping Boko Haram etc our elders have to take thousand of recruite so that the protect our country the have to stop killing our millitery guys

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