Service Not Available: Result Not Available While Checking Waec Results

Service Not Available: Result Not Available While Checking Waec 2021/2022 Results

as WAEC council keeps on releasing the just concluded WAEC 2019 exams most candidates are now having some minor challenge accessing their results online.
waec result checker
Most candidates who wrote the exams and also tried to check their results this week are getting a negative response from WAEC result checker portal.

“result not Available for this candidate in the specific year and exam date?”

the above message means that the system can not locate your results based on the details you provided such as your center number, year of examination which is called exam year.

this post will give you a clear guide on how to resolve the issue of “result not Available for this candidate in the specific year and exam date?”

Causes Of Result Not Available


we believe that once we could identify the main cause of no result found then we will can proffer a helpful solution.

results not found for this candidate could be as a result of two things.

Wrong Exam Year /Details

entering a wrong details either in your exam center number or your year will definitely bring up the pop up message of no results found for this candidate.

while imputing your details try as much as you can to cross check them very well, because any mistake you made here will, will make it impossible for the system to locate your results on WAEC database

your result is still being uploaded

it might be That WAEC are yet to upload your results to their database which made the system to bring up that pop up annoying message.
there could be so many reasons that could cause this. maybe your results are still being cross check, or maybe your center as a whole is being still investigated. but once you are sure that you never engage in malpractice or made use of widespread answers used by hundreds of candidates then you need not to worry about anything.

Conclusion :
no results found is different from withheld results, from experience and cases i have handled in the past most cases of “no results found ” about 85% are due to wrong details being entered by the candidate.

follow my recommendation above, just keep checking maybe your results is the next in line to be uploaded this night, no one can tell.

Finally don’t pass by without dropping a comment below, let us know if you where able to check Your results or probably how your checked it using a different alternative method you found.

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  1. Abdulrasheed hammed tanwa

    Up till now not showing, I don’t no why the whole school is not showing, am tired, last year WAEC

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