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HOW TO CHECK WAEC RESULT 2023/2024 Online and offline using your phone for free easily.

WAEC is an exam you must seat for in your life as a student in order to go further in your studies.

It requires many days of rigorous reading, sleepless nights and other forms of preparation, though unfortunately many students do not want to go through the stress, they go looking for shortcuts through private centres and online expo portals.

I surmise that all waec candidates will like to know how well they did in the 2023/2024 waec exams.

Though, WAEC scratch card, internet connection and a mobile phone will be needed. The result is most checked easily for candidates through WAEC website or portal.

An E-pin which is simply a 10-11 digit pin used to check WAEC result online is needed. It is very important if you want to check your results.

You can easily buy this E-pin or Scratch card at WAEC offices, banks and resellers around the country.waec GCE check result

The official price of this pins is seven hundred Naira, although some resellers add more money to it, so make sure you have at least one thousand Naira with you.

E-pins can also be bought online if you are lucky to purchase from safe sellers online. But it is most advisable to buy it offline.

Though, if you still intend buying it online, check the site’s reviews to see if they are legit or not.

It is also not a must to have a Scratch card or E-pin before checking your waec result.

By default, there is a pin on your waec ID card that can be used to check the result, maximum of 5 times after which it won’t be valid.

Also, when buying, make sure the card you are given has a valid pin.

Note: You are permitted to check your WAEC results over a maximum number of times with a pin.

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WAEC Result Checker 2023/2024 Online


In 2022/2023, it has now become very easy to check your waec results, in so far as you can follow the steps outlined in this post.

– Launch your browser either on your mobile phone or computer sustem

– Go to waecdirect result checker

– Type in your 10 digit waec exam number followed by your 7 digit centre number and your 3 digit candidate number carefully in the space provided and make sure it is correct.

– Pick the year of your exam (2023 ).

– Select your examination type (school candidate results).

– Enter the serial number of the card and also your PIN.

– Type your serial number into the box specified.

– Make sure you input all the necessary information needed for assessment.

– Click on the Submit button.

– Exercise a little patience for the result to pop up.

How to check 2022/2023 wassce result offline

You can also check the West African Examination Council results via SMS on your phone.

It does not matter whether it is a small phone or smartphone (Android, iPhone) etc.

What is needed is the SMS App on the phone, though it is not free, it comes at a meager cost of N30.

Below is the Simple Procedure:

Send a message in the form – WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to 32327.

Make sure there is no gap in what you wrote before texting it.
For example: WAEC*4250101038*12346879285*2020

Be aware that your exam year is 2023 .

You will receive a message displaying your performance for each subject.

For your result to be printed out, you will need the use of a Computer or laptop, which you can get to utilize their service at Cybercafes around.

Also, if you have any problem in checking your result, you don’t have to worry, because WAEC management has made it convenient for you to reach out to them.

To resolve your issues, you will have to send the following details to [email protected] for authentication and support.

These are the details that need to be sent to WAEC customer support:

~ The error message displayed on their website

~ Examination number

~ The kind of exam and
~ year of Exam

It is important to note that you shouldn’t be too anxious about your results cause the grades you are going to see is the result of the answers you gave in the exam.

As you go ahead in life, I wish you the best in other exams, personal life and your achievements generally.

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