When Is WAEC 2023/2024 Results Going To Be Out: june/ July Release Date

When Is WAEC  Results Going To Be Out: june/ July Release Date News|WAEC news today

Is it true that WAEC will release  results in 90 days or 45 days? Read on to find out the correct date when WAEC will release the  result.

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Welcome to the  WAEC News update were we try to give you the latest news about the West African examination council much anticipated results.

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When Will Waec Release Results For the 2023/2024 West African Examination?


Have you ever asked yourself this question? We all know that most schools and JAMB are now fond of demanding for WAEC results before admission is giving out.

In fact most universities and polytechnics won’t even allow you to register for their post UTME screening exercise with awaiting result citing the issue of non availability of WAEC result and also the problem of giving out admission and at the end of the day the said student won’t have any result to claim the given admission.

There are schools also that will allow you to take their screening exams but will never consider you for admission with out you first uploading your WAEC grades.

Honestly as it stands now no school will ever admit any student with out a WAEC result. Please don’t panic because of this, but this is the sad truth that is staring us at the face today unlike what was obtainable in the past.

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WAEC  Results To Be Released 45 Days After The Exam

West African Examinations Council has given everyone the assurance that they will do everything humanly possible to releases all results within 45 days.

This was made known by Mr. Damianus Ojijeogu who remains the council’s Head of Public Affairs by the time that statement was made and by the time the “45 days policy” was initiated.

He said immediately each exam has ended various center will have to submit their script, brief the board and what follows sharply is marking of scripts.

The good news right now is that WAEC result can even be released before the said 45 days or at most 45 days on the dot.

Recall that before you had to wait 90 days which is equivalent to 3 good months or even more before you start checking your results. But today all that has become an issue of the past.

New method used in marking scripts :WAEC result

Unlike before when there was nothing like technology, WAEC relied heavily on school teachers, private bodies to help them mark their results but all this causes unnecessary delays and problems along the line.

Right now WAEC has deployed technology to all marking venue throughout the Federation and other West African states to help and also assist in scanning the scripts which helps to enhance the marking process.

So the secret here is that WAEC has acquired a device that automatically scan your script and upload them online after that it will be marked instantly.

WAEC will stamp out exam malpractice

The west African examination council is working hard to stamp out exam malpractice. They promise to use same advanced technology to detect those who cheat during the exam.

Although there has been clamor for the past few years by the exam board to introduce a CBT method of exam. If this is fully implemented then say good bye to expo and runs.

WAEC Result checker:check WAEC result here

how to check waec result without examination number  /WAEC checker

Now that you have known when the WAEC result will be out, it’s time to now check your result or get familiar with the steps use in checking the results.

We have written an article that will guide you here.


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