wizkid net worth 2023 in dollars, naira /Forbes |asset, endorsement, cars, houses, investment

wizkid net worth in dollars, naira /Forbes |asset, endorsement, cars, houses, investment / see how much Wizkid worth in naira and dollars 

How much is wizkid worth ?
How much is wizkid worth in dollars?wizkid net wort forbes list
Wizkid net worth 2019

We all know him as wizkid but only a few Nigerians knows him as Ayodeji Balogun Ibrahim, today we shall discuss everything about this successful musician, we shall look at his net worth in naira and also in dollars.

For those who want to know the current and past endorsement and investments of wizkid you shall all be updated on this page.

# Wizkid net worth in dollars and forbes l


Let’s start by telling you how much Wizkid worth in dollars currently .

As at today wizkid is ranked 5th top musician on Forbes, this has gone a long way to prove that wizkid is not doing bad in international level in fact the young musician is now competing with world’s top musicians as at today.

Do you know that our wizkid was recently ranked top 10 on channels list of successful musicians this is not surprising as wizkid is known to have one of the largest fan base on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In fact wizkid was one of the first ever Nigerian celebrities to hit the 1 million followers on Twitter.
Wizkid net worth in dollars is $12 million

# Wizkid biography – wizkid net worth

Ayodeji Balogun Ibrahim popularly known as wizkid was born in Lagos state which is located in South west Nigeria. In fact so many Lagosians knows him as that Surulere street guy who grow up into fame within a twinkle of an eye.

For those who might be wondering why wizkid is bearing Ibrahim should note that his father practice Islam while his mother is a Christian. Although the young musician is now a good practicing Christian which shows his mother had a great influence on him.

Wizkid has numerous sisters because actually his father married 3 wives, you will also agree with me that he is from a polygamous home.

Wizkid Education – wizkid net worth

Most fans of wizkid don’t actually know that wizkid had to drop out from school (unilag) just to face his musical career,

honestly combining business with school for most people won’t be fun. although wizkid later returned back to school after so many years.

He attended Lead City University, attended classes but still yet, the young musician couldn’t combine school with work, he had to drop out finally while he faced his musical career.
We Still believe that one day he might still return back to school, although most Nigerians will say ” who school help” lol.

# Hard times in wizkid’s life – wizkid net worth

Everyone has this ugly past when things were not moving on fine.

Wizkid has been known as that street boy who was always seen in Ojuelegba, hustling an praying to God for his blessings upon his life, if you have ever watched his song titled Ojuelegba you will come to understand what he actually passed through.

# Endorsement Deals- wizkid net worth

  • $350,000 for face of Pepsi: he was signed in 2012 by Pepsi. Do you know that wizkid actually renewed this deal for a period of extra 2 years?
  • N128 million brand ambassador of Globacom: this deal was actually signed in 2015
  • $10,000 Dolce & Gabana: this is an international deal that got to do with a fashion event.
  • Nike : Do you remember the 2018 world cup? Yes wizkid was actually paid handsomely to promote that jersey. Others are with CIROC

# Assets (Houses and Cars)-wizkid net worth


When it comes to investment in landed properties among Nigerian celebrities wizkid top the list in fact it is rumored that he owns a house in the United States.
We are going to state facts here based on evidence.
Wizkid own a house in one of the highbrow areas of Lagos, in fact his house in lakki is estimated to cost about 13 million naira.
It will also interest you to know that wizkid bought a house in Los Angeles, USA around middle of 2016. which made him to cough out a whooping fifteen million dollars.

Recently we had a rumor that the successful musician has just acquired a mansion in Banana highland in Lagos but at the time of writing this article we have not yet confirm if it’s true or not, so just stick around while we verify the claim.

Wizkid cars

Wizkid is rumoured to have a lot of automobile in his garage which he keeps displaying to his fans in his selfie he usually post on his Instagram page.
Below are the list of cars wizkid has.
Note: he might have more than this.

  • Black Honda Accord I-VTEC (N8 million)
  • Hyundai Sonata (N6 million)
  • Mercedes Benz 2012 Compressor vehicle (N10 million)
  • BMW X6 (N11 million)
  • Porsche Panamera (N13 million) (was crashed in an accident)
  • Bentley car (N45 million)
  • Porsche Cayenne (N18 million)

Wizkid private jet

Wizkid private jet 2019

Does wizkid has a private jet? This has been a hot debate in public. Having a private jet is one thing but maintaining it actually cost more. Currently wizkid does not have a private jet although he flies on a chattered jet.

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