100 small scale business ideas in Nigeria that are lucrative

100 small scale business ideas in Nigeria that are lucrative 2019

Are you searching for a small scale business ideas that won’t require much money to start up while at the same time can start fetching you money instantly with quick returns to initial investment? If yes we have compiled a list of business ideas that every Nigerian can try their hands on.

We are not going to dive deeper like telling you how to go about setting up any of these businesses, it is your responsibility to carry out further research like the best strategy to adopt, how to raise your finance, how to market your products and how to reach out to your target market or simply how you can make this business work.

You have to understand that venturing into any kind of business in Nigeria no matter how small comes with risk and with lots of responsibility, in fact it is often said that the chances of failure in new businesses are always high in the first 6 months of establishment, but if smartly managed couple with good business strategy then there is every possibility that the business will scale through any hurdles and you start smiling to the bank.

Tips for a successful business idea as a first timer


100 small scale business ideas in Nigeria that are lucrative

Choose a business you love :

Are you passionate about that business? Yes you have to love your business first because if that love is not there putting more effort on it to be successful will be a daunting task.

Understand the business idea :

Before starting any business you have to first understand the business as a whole as this will help your business succeed quickly. Carry out proper research on those who have been in the business already, try to identify the challenges they are facing as well as their goal and mission.

Don’t mind critics :

this is Nigeria where everyone is good at dishing out advise on how people should live their lives, what business they go into, which type of man or woman they should get married to. As you are about to start any business don’t pay too much attention to those criticizing your little efforts while at the same time they can’t offer any tangible alternatives or help.

Believe in your self :

always believe in your self like ” I can do this, it will work” even in the face of challenges always have that confidence in your self and you will see yourself pull through.

Adopt the best and flexible marketing plan :

You need to understand that marketing is of the the puller of a successful business and it is important you invest more time to learn the best marketing strategy that suits your line of business.

100 small scale business ideas in Nigeria that are lucrative

Pet Breeding
Animal feed production
Ethanol Production
Recruitment Agency
Freelance Writing
Computer Training Centre
Catering Services(Indoor and Outdoor)
Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs
Livestock Farming
Frozen food Sales
Food Processing
Rental Services
Mobile food Vending
Quail Bird Farming
Computer Repair and Accessories Sales
Cooking Gas Sales
Poultry Farming
Pure and Bottled Water Production
Cement Sales and Distribution
Haulage and Logistics
Daycare Centre/Crèche
Ready-to-wear cloths making
Scrap metal sales
Small Scale Manufacturing
Waste Management Services
Modeling and Event Ushering
Fashion Stylist
Virtual Call Center
Night Clubs and Restaurants
Nanny agency
Stock Photography
Business broker
Selling Fruits
Hairdressing Salon
Weight Loss Consultancy
Travel agency
Sports Viewing Centers
Software and games development
Recharge Card Printing and Sales
Ice Cream Production
Natural Fruit Juice Production
Sports Betting Agency
Uniform Making factory
Social Media Marketing
Used Car Sales
Internet Radio Station
Funeral Arrangement Company
Wine Production
Disc Jockey (DJ)
Solar energy installation and equipment sales
Resume writing
Dating Service
Car Wash and Detailing Services
Day Spa
Nail Studio( Manicure and Pedicure)
Video game Center
Bulk SMS Services
Online Marketing
Security gadget sales
Building Blocks Production
Art Gallery
Cleaning Services
Biscuit Production
Photography and Videography
Jewelry making
Pharmaceutical company
Appliance Repair Service
Marketer/PR Agent
Sports Collectible Shop
Oil Palm Plantation
Antique Furniture Sales
Mail-order business
Online Vitamin/Health Food Store
Magazine Publication
Monogramming and Branding Services
Printing and Book Production
Make-up Artist
Art brokerage
Private Library Services
SEO Consultant
Laundry Service
Virtual assistant
Car Rentals
Ice block production
Online Clothing Store
Pest control
Facility Management Services
Automobile Repairs and Fleet Management Services
Alternative Power Supply
Selling honey
Gift Baskets
Personal Shopper & Errand Service
House Painting
Security Gadget Sales and Installations.
Personal Fitness Instructor
Affiliate marketing

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