ESUT school fees 2023/2024 acceptance fee |hostel accommodation fee

ESUT school fees  acceptance fee |hostel accommodation fee |indigenes & non indigenes

The Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) came into existence in 1980 in the then old Anambra state. Although it was first known as ASUTECH after 11 year of it existence, Enugu state was created from the old Anambra state and the town where the ASUTECH was located fell into the newly created Enugu state.


The Enugu state university of science and technology was conceived with the aim to providing an excellent and flexible programs across all disciplines and as such ESUT is known for the quality of their teachings , in fact ESUT is a university with a difference and as at today the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) have about 9 solid faculties.

Away from derailing from the topic of discussion for today (ESUT school fees for new and returning students) , we are here to show you all the various fees Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) newly admitted students have pay.

Unlike before when there was no internet connectivity one will have to travel all the way to ESUT just to get any kind of information no matter how little it is but today all that has change.

ESUT school fees schedule 2023/2024


S/N Year of Study Current School Fees (₦)






3. 300 LEVEL FULL TIME 124,900.00
4. 400 LEVEL FULL TIME 124,900.00
5. 500 LEVEL FULL TIME 124,900.00
6. Mature Students (MSP)
100 LEVEL 124,900.00
200 LEVEL 124,900.00
300 LEVEL 124,900.00
400 LEVEL 124,900.00
500 LEVEL 124,900.00
600 LEVEL 104,900.00
7. Postgraduate Students Fees
Postgraduate Diploma 111,300.00
Masters & Masters in Business Administration 131,300.00
Ph.D 151,300.00
8. Sandwich 36,200.00
PG/MSc. 61,900.00
9. Pre-Degree/Pre-Sciences 74,700.00

Important point to note :

  1. New students admitted into the faculty of medicine will have to pay an extra 300,000 naira for what the school tagged “development fee”. Although this fee is no small money couple with the fact that about 124k will be demanded from you as school fees, on the other hand you have to understand that this faculty requires qualified teachers, extra laboratories and sundry expenses that is incurred to keep the institution running.
  2. If you are admitted into the faculty of law you will also pay 200,000 naira only. Because of the nature of the faculty being a professional course the management of the institution has to ensure that all facilities in this faculty are up to date as this will help the faculty not to lose it accreditation.

ESUT acceptance fee

ESUT acceptance fee template changes all the time, from what was obtainable last academic session all newly admitted students have to pay N26,000.

ESUT hostel accommodation fee

We have no information on this right now, we are going to update this page to reflect what you are searching for shortly.

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  1. Pg/MSc #61,900. Is it yearly or per semester.

    What is masters and masters in business administration. Can someone with Economics go for it and is the #131,000 yearly or per semester.
    Pls I need your urgent relpy.

  2. Michael chinecherem miracle

    I want to know the hostel accommodation fee. Please when it’s updated, can you inform me via my email

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